STAR Testing: Tips for Success

  • Personalizing Education

    Results from STAR tests can be used by teachers, parents, and students to tailor an educational experience that supports the specific needs of individuals and celebrate students’ successes.  STAR results measure an individual’s level of academic success.  STAR testing is a great opportunity for students to get an objective look at their academic performance.

    What role do you play?

    Parents and guardians play a very important role in their student’s education. Encouraging students to do their best in school and to complete school assignments can have a positive impact on learning. Research shows that a great deal can be done at home to increase their academic performance.
    You Can Help Your Student do Better on State Tests
    • Visit school to find out how your student’s classroom instruction addresses California content standards.
    • Attend parent/guardian-teacher conferences to find out how well your student is achieving and what they need to do to improve.  Ask about the major tests given and other ways academic achievement is measured.
    • Discuss with your student the importance of going to school every day and doing their best on assignments and tests.
    • Make sure they have a quiet place to study and that they complete all homework assignments.
    • Discuss upcoming tests with your student and try to reduce their anxieties about test taking. Reassure students that the test results will provide useful information about what they know and what they still need to learn.
    • Review test questions released by the California Department of Education with your student.  The released questions can be here: and are searchable by grade level and subject!
    • Monitor your student’s performance throughout the year on the Zangle Parent Portal (check with your school for availability)
    • Make sure your student attends school on testing days, get a good night’s rest, and have breakfast before a big test.

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Last Modified on June 25, 2014