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    Welcome to SJUSD Management and Supervisor Support and Information!

    Below are some resources to help you continue to be a successful member of the San Juan team. This page is only an outline of topics. For the complete and actual language, please consult the contract for your bargaining unit.

    Management and Supervisor New Hire Process  

    After you have been offered a job by an HR Analyst and accepted it, you will need to complete the new hire process.

    • Transcripts - If required, deliver official (unsealed) transcripts to Human Resources.
    • New Hire Processing - Your HR Analyst will schedule an appointment with you to sign your contract and process the new hire paperwork.
    • Fingerprint Clearance - Fingerprinting can be done at Human Resources in the SJUSD District Office, Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 1:30 pm  (Fingerprint Instructions and Directions). Bring the LiveScan Request Form from your new hire packet. There is a $59.00 charge to cover fingerprinting.
    • ID Badge - All employees must have an I.D. Badge with a photo which can be taken at Human Resources daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Bring the Identification Badge Request form from your new hire packet. Badges will be delivered to the work site.
    • TB Clearance - TB Tests are given at the TB Clinic on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. You must return two days later to complete the test.
      • June 9 - July 22: Monday and Wednesday from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
      • June 29 - July 3: Closed
      • July 27 - August 7: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
      • Summer Hours:


    Benefits Orientation

    Eligible employees of San Juan Unified School District are offered a comprehensive benefits package. These benefits include medical, dental, vision, and life insurance coverage. The District contribution for your benefits is determined by your applicable employee group. See Benefits Cost Schedules for detailed information regarding the cost of your benefits package.

    • New Employees must apply for benefits within 30 days of their hire date or wait until the yearly Open Enrollment period in May or June.
    • Benefits Orientations are given every Tuesday at 10:00 am and 3:30 pm at the District Office.
    • Contact Benefits at 971-7662 if you have any questions.


    Sick Leave

    As a permanent employee, you earn approximately one comparable day of sick leave for every month you work. Sick leave is for use when you are ill or injured. Your sick leave balance is shown on your pay check stub.

    • Please notify your supervisor as soon as possible when you are out ill.
    • If you need a substitute (confirm with your supervisor), contact whichever substitute management system you are told to use.
    • As soon as you return to work, complete an Employee Absence Form and give it to your supervisor for signature and distribution to Payroll.

    Personal Necessity leave is a part of your sick leave balance that is available for absences of an emergency or personal nature.

    • When requesting personal necessity, give your supervisor at least 48 hours prior notice. Avoid PN days on Monday or Friday or before /after a holiday.
    • As soon as you return to work, complete an Employee Absence Form and return it to your supervisor for signature and distribution to Payroll.

    See more detail about different types of leave at the Leaves of Absence webpage.


    • Your vacation balance is shown on your pay check stub.
    • 12 month non-certificated managers and supervisors earn 16 holidays and approximately 20 days of vacation per year.
    • 12 month certificated supervisors earn 16 holidays.
    • Most managers who work less than 12 months do not accrue vacation; instead, they have a shorter calendar with fewer work days.
    • Less than 12 month supervisors receive 15 holidays and vacation days are prorated based on the number of days worked.
    • Check the Work Year Calendars for vacation days.
    • To request vacation, complete a Employee Absence Form form and send it to your supervisor. Vacations must be approved in advance.
    • As soon as you return to work, complete an Employee Absence Form and return it to your supervisor.

    Sexual Harassment Training

    Within six months of hire date and every two years after that, all managers and supervisors must attend a sexual harassment awareness training.

    • Human Resources sponsors several workshops. The dates and times are sent out to all managers and supervisors.
    • Legal Services Department is available for any questions regarding discrimination laws.

    Employee Evaluations for Staff under your Supervision

    Performance evaluations are an important part of personnel management. Collective Bargaining Agreements and Board policies provide the framework for evaluations. If you need assistance with completing an evaluation, please contact Human Resources.

    Teachers and Certificated Support Staff:

    • Evaluations shall occur annually for temporary and probationary teachers and at least every two years for permanent teachers.
    • Since the evaluation process includes a number of critical steps, it is advisable to review the Collective Bargaining Agreement evaluation article (Article 3).
    • All evaluation forms are available online.
    • For more explanation and a suggested timeline, see the Evaluation Process document.
    • If you need help, contact Human Resources Certificated Department at 971-7193.

    Classified Employees:

    • Classified personnel are to be evaluated by the end of the 5th and 11th month during the probationary period and after that, every year or every two years provided performance is satisfactory.
    • Evaluations are to be completed between January 1 and May 1.
    • All evaluation forms are available online.
    • It is extremely important that completed evaluations are up to date and in the employee's HR file.
    • Supervisor's Guide to Evaluating Classified Employees
    • If you need help, contact Human Resources Classified at 971-7251.

    Evaluations - Supervisory and Management Employees


    • As a new employee, you are probationary for one year. During that time, you will be evaluated twice. Your first evaluation will be at the end of the 5th month and the second will be at the end of the 11th month.
    • After your first year, you become a permanent employee and receive evaluations annually between January and May. An unscheduled evaluation may be done at any time if your supervisor deems necessary.


    • All management personnel are to be evaluated once annually.
    • Managers with less than one year in their current assignment and some other managers will be evaluated with a Formal Written Evaluation following the timeline specified in the Evaluation Process below.
    • Some managers may be permited to submit a self-evaluation every other year. Check with your supervising administrator.

    SmartFindExpress - Substitute Management System

    San Juan Unified School District uses an automated computerized Substitute Management System for teachers. This system provides the ability to report an absence and request a substitute now and into the future. To access this system, go to SmartFindExpress link. It can also be accessed by phone at (916) 971-7827.

    Employee Absences

    A report has been created in Pertaine that allows you to see information about absences of staff at your site. You must have a Pertaine (Roger Rabbit) log-on to access this information.

    • To access the report, log onto Pertaine-Roger Rabbit.   
    • Once you have logged on, follow the instructions from the Request Employee Absence by Site file.
    • The report with balances only (T – for totals) is a summary only.
    • The other report (D – for detail) provides a listing of all absences for each employee.
    • The second page of the attachment contains all the codes that may be used on the report.

    Screening Certificated Applicants Online

    SJUSD uses EDJOIN, the Education Job Opportunities Information Network, for all job posting and applicant ttracking.

    • Teacher candidates complete and submit their application to the district online via the Internet.
    • When job vacancies in the district arise, authorized school district personnel use the Internet for convenient and efficient searching of the database to match candidates to the vacancies.
    • Link to EDJOIN Employer Login
    • Instructions for applicant screening in EDJOIN.

    When Is Payday?

    The District pays employees once a month.

    • Regular employees are paid on the last working day of each month.
    • Substitute, temporary work or additional hours are submitted on a timecard. Timecards must be submitted by the 25th of each month and will be paid on the 15th of the following month.
    • Paychecks are delivered to your work site.
    • To have your check deposited directly to your bank account, fill out the Authorization for Electronic Direct Deposit.
    • To help you decipher your pay warrant, see the Pay Statement Explanation.

    Retirement Deductions

    A majority of managers are State Teacher Retirement System (STRS) members, but some managers are Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) members. If needed, please call 971-7222 for more information.
    • PERS deductions are 7% of your gross earnings.
    • STRS deductions are 8% of your gross earnings.

    Work Year Calendars

    • Your work year calendar lists holidays and identifies your first and last day of service.
    • If you are in a position that is less than 12 months per year, any non-work days/non-paid days are shown.
    • Work Year Calendars

    Know Your Bargaining Unit

    The District has agreements with several units that represent supervisory employees.

    • San Juan Administrators Association (SJAA) - non-certificated administrative employees
    • San Juan Professional Educators Coalition (SJPEC) - certificated supervisors such as principals, vice-principals, coordinators and program specialists
    • San Juan Supervisors Association - non-certificated supervisors

    Each unit has a different agreement. Please look it over to become familiar with the contents. You can find them posted at the Labor Relations website. Supervisors and certificated supervisors pay union dues or a service fee.

District Telephone Numbers

Department Phone Number
Board of Education: (916) 971-7111
Human Resources: (916) 971-7193
Substitute Help Desk (Certificated)6:30am to 3:30pm - school days: (916) 971-7245
Substitute Help Desk (Classified) 7:00am to 5:00pm - School days (916) 971-7242
Substitute Help Desk (Classified) 8:30am - 5:00pm (916) 971-7745
Substitute Request Line (SmartFindExpress): (916) 971-7827
IMC (Instructional Media Center): (916) 971-7371
Labor Relations: (916) 979-8444
Maintenance/Operations: (916) 971-5740
Multilingual/Multicultural: (916) 971-5382
Payroll: (916) 971-7223
Special Education: (916) 971-7953
Superintendent's Office: (916) 971-7104
Transportation: (916) 971-7689
Workers Compensation Office: (916) 971-7756
Last Modified on April 24, 2018