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    My name is Matt Rowland and I teach all of the technology electives and some science at Arden Middle School. I started teaching in 1999 after receiving my Bachelor's Degree and Teaching Credential from California State University, Sacramento. I started as an upper elementary teacher in the San Juan district. I taught 5th and 6th grade for 8 years, during which I went back to school and received my Master's degree in Educational Technology through CSUS' iMET (Internet Master's in Educational Technology) program and served as the Technology Coordinator for my school. In 2005 I was awarded a Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Grant to study in Japan and was subsequently awarded a Fulbright Memorial Fund Master Teacher designation. My Fulbright work focused on utilizing technology to work collaboratively with a Japanese Elementary School (Shiojiri Nishi Elementary) on environmental science projects.
    In 2007 I started work as a Teacher on Special Assignment / Technology Coach for Title 1 elementary schools. My primary job was to make all of the technology at the sites easy for teachers to integrate into their teaching and coach teachers how best to utilize technology in their teaching. After working in that position for 4 years, this fabulous teaching position at Arden opened up.
    Since 2011 I have worked as the Media, Computer Application, and Computer Science teacher. I LOVE my job and working with students to develop their new skills and knowledge in science and technology. One of my current passions is getting all school age students to experience Computational Thinking and Programming. I am currently an Affiliate with the non-profit Code.org, and work to teach other teachers how to incorporate programming into their teaching.