• Badminton

    Badminton comes from the English country estate of the Duke of Beaufort. This is where badminton was first played at a social gathering. The game was referenced as "that badminton game," and became the accepted title for the game.


    Badminton is traced back to Poona, India. Many officials feel the game developed from a past time game called "battledore and shuttlecock". Eventually the game spread through the rest of the world by English officers who were first stationed in Poona, India.


    Badminton is played with skill and finesse, and is a fast and exciting game. It is a lifetime sport and can be enjoyed at a competitive level as well as a recreational level.


    Students will learn the fundalments and strategies of the game. Although the game is relatively easy mastering the strokes and strategies can be a challenging and rewarding task.


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Last Modified on January 22, 2020