• 6th Annual Churchill 


    Science Olympiad Invitational 



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    What: An invitational B Division Science Olympiad competition hosted by Churchill Middle School
    Who: Any registered B Division team. Note: Teams MUST be registered with their local region before being allowed to participate.
    When: Saturday in Dec. 2nd, 2017
    Times:     7:30am ...                Registration room opens 
                    8:30am ...                Opening Ceremonies
                    9:00am - 3:00pm ... Events Contested  
                    4:00pm ...                Awards Ceremony
    Registration Forms:   NOTE: We have reached our cap and registration is now closed.
    Registration Deadline:   Registration closed
    Event Schedule:     EVENT SCHEDULE
    Sign Up Events:   Sign Ups for the engineering/ self schedule events will take polace this Wednesday, Nov 15 at 6:00PM.  
    Password = colorado
    Event time slots are first come first served.  If teams do not get the slot they wanted they either need to make it work or as a last chance opportunity they can talk to the event proctor on the day of the event about other open time slots.  It is up to the event proctor to decide if they have room for changes.
    Impound:  Impound rules for each event will be followed. Impound times are 9:00 AM - 9:30AM at the event room. 
    Campus Map:     Campus Map
    Parking:  Note that our lot will fill up quick.  I need all busses to drop off and then move away from the loading zone to park until needed later.  For family cars, once the main lot fills you will need to find spaces in the surrounding neighborhoods and on Whitney ave.  Please respect our neighbors and their driveway access and follow all normal parking codes.  There is a loading/ unloading area right up front but do not park there.   
    Scoring Room/ Check In:  Room #2 will be the check in room for teams and judges and also the scoring room during the day.  Please have a coach check in your team by 8:00am.  The room will open at 7:30am.
    Hospitality:  We will provide a hospitality room for coaches and judges throughout the day.  It will be room #1.  It will be stocked with snacks and beverages and can also serve as a quiet place to go to grade test papers or take a break.  Churchill parent volunteers will be checking in on proctors throughout the day with snacks and beverages.  
    Awards:  Trophies will be given for the top 6 placing teams, only 1 team per school is eligible for a trophy.
                   Medals will also be given to the top 6 in each individual event. 
                   NOTE: Previous years we medalled through top 5, this year we are uping it to top 6! More medals for more kids!
    Prizes: We hope to again be able to provide prizes to some or all event winners and to the top 3 teams courtesy of our sponsors.  
    Hotels:  There are lots of great options around town within a 20 min drive from campus.  I suggest the cluster near Arden way at Capital City Freeway or the cluster at HW 50 and Sunrise Blvd.  
    Things To Do:  We encourage teams to make it a weekend in Sacramento and find something to do in addition to the tournament while in town.  We suggest visiting the world class California Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento (along with other points of interest in Old Sac) or taking a tour of the CA State Capitol building.  
    Food:    Chandos Tacos will have their food truck on site from 11 am - 2 pm. Here is their menu Chandos    Teams are permitted to bring in food or have it delivered as needed but please be sure to clean up afterwards.
    Home Base Rooms: Teams will be assigned a "base camp" room somewhere on campus.  They can use this room for down time between events and to store equipment during the day.  Please respect these rooms and leave them in the same condition as when you arrive.  Clean up all trash, do NOT disturb any of the teacher materials/ equipment in the rooms.  
    Past Champions:
          2012 - Churchill
          2013 - Hopkins
          2014 - Kennedy
          2015 - Kennedy
          2016 - Kennedy 

     Team #

     Team Name

    Home Base Room

     Event Supervising

    1 Churchill Purple  E1  Crime Busters, Road Scholar, Ecology, Rocks and Minerals
    2 Mesa Robles A 17   Dynamic Planet
    3 Churchill Gold E1   Optics, Towers, Potions and Poisons, Experimental Design
    4 Mesa Robles B  17  Fast Facts
    5 Kreamer A  F3  Roller Coaster
    7 Kraemer B  F3  
     9 Chaboya Red  16  Hovercraft
     10 Challenger White  40  Solar System
    11  Chaboya White  16  
    12  Challenger Burgandy  40  
    13  Elkhorn Gold  18  Anatomy
    14  Kennedy Gold  15  Mystery Architecture
    15  Elkhorn Blue  18  
    16  Kennedy Yellow  15  
    17   Montessori Red  E6  
    18   Bethany Yellow  F2  
    19   Chadbourne Green  E5  
    20  Pomolita A  34  Battery Buggy
    21  Rolling Hills Black  F5  Write It Do It
    22  Pomolita B  34  
    23  Wicklund A   37  Thermodynamics
    24  Mission San Jose  9  Microbe Mission
    25  Wicklund B  37   
    26     9  
    27   Summit Denali  30  
    28     36  
    29  Weibel  30  Meteorology
    30    36  
    31 Rolling Hills Orange F5  
    32 Bethany Red F2  Wright Stuff
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