• IBMYP Rubrics 


    In each subject, there are 4 criteria that are used to assess students. All of the IB rubrics consist of a 0-8 scale. It is important to note that this scale does not align with a traditional grading scale. For example, a score of 6 on an IB rubric is not the equivalent of a 75%, or a C (6/8). It is a B+. In 7th grade, students will use the year 1 rubrics for the first semester and transition to the year 3 rubrics for the second semester. The IB rubrics will used in both English and history classes for all summative assessment tasks. The rubrics will often be used to score formative assessment tasks as a means of providing students with opportunities to practice and receive feedback on the unit objectives. 

  • Individuals & Societies IB Rubrics


    Year 1


    Year 3

  • Language & Literature IB Rubrics


    Year 1

  • Year 3

Last Modified on October 2, 2020