• Louis Pasteur Middle School Physical Education

     Mr. Marks: 2022 - 2023 Class Syllabus


    Welcome to what is sure to be a fun and exciting experience!  Physical education is a dynamic and rewarding class that promotes a student’s growth in a variety of ways.  While physical education will not be easy, the challenges you face throughout the year are intended to guide you along your lifelong quest towards fitness, health, and happiness.  The information in this syllabus is key to your success this year, so please read carefully!!


    Course Description

    Physical education class presents the opportunity for students to develop the ability to move competently and confidently through participation in daily physical activity.  Our class will consist of a variety of individual and dual sports/games and fitness-related activities.  We’ll play, learn, have fun, work hard, and build relationships with one another.


    Academic Grading

    Students will be assessed based on the California State Model Content Standards for Physical Education.  A five-point rubric will be used daily to assess productive participation in class activities (CA PEMCS 7.3.5.)  A weekly participation grade will be entered in the gradebook based on the student’s average score for the days they were present.  A variety of summative assessments linked to the standards will be worth additional points and scores will be entered in the gradebook at the end of each unit.  Absences count as “0 out of 0” for the daily points, therefore not affecting the grade; however, missing summative assessments must be made up.  

    *Academic Grades are then assigned based on points earned out of points possible:

    100% or above = A+      83%-87% = B      70%-72% = C-         59% or below = F 

    93%-99% = A               80%-82% = B-     68%-69%   = D+

    90%-92% = A-             78%-79% = C+      63%-67% = D

    88%-89% = B+             73%-77% = C       60%-62% = D-                                              


    Citizenship Grading

    Student citizenship will be assessed based on behavior demonstrated during class.  A five-point rubric will be used daily.  Absences count as “0 out of 0” for the citizenship points, therefore not affecting the grade.  A weekly citizenship grade will be entered in the gradebook based on the student’s average score for the days they were present that week. 

    *Citizenship grades are then assigned based on points earned out of points possible:

    95% or above  = Outstanding (“O”)          60% - 74%  = Needs Improvement (“NI”)

    75% - 94%  = Satisfactory (“S”)             59% or below = Unsatisfactory (“U”)


    Effort Grading

    Student effort will be assessed based on work ethic demonstrated during class.  A four-point rubric will be used daily. Absences count as “0 out of 0” for the effort points, therefore not affecting the gradeA weekly effort grade will be entered in the gradebook based on the student’s average score for the days they were present that week.  

    *Effort grades are then assigned based on points earned out of points possible:

    95% or above = “4”          71% - 84% = “2”

    85% - 94% = “3”              70% or below = “1”


    PE Clothing

    Students are required to wear a Louis Pasteur PE uniform purchased at school OR a plain white t-shirt & plain black gym shorts.  Louis Pasteur PE sweatpants/sweatshirts OR plain black sweatpants/sweatshirts are allowed for cold weather.  A PE shirt is required every single day and school uniforms/clothing may not be worn underneath PE clothing.   Laced athletic shoes with a rubber sole are also required (NO SANDALS, CROCS, BOOTS, HEELS or FLATS.)  Students who wear inappropriate footwear to class will not be allowed to participate for the day.  All jewelry should be removed prior to the beginning of class.  Students who do not meet the dress code for PE will be marked “Non-Suit” for the period.  “Non-Suits” will lower a student’s citizenship grade.



    “Loaners” are available on a first come - first served basis.  “Loaners” should not be used habitually.  Students are allowed a maximum of four “Loaners” per quarter. Use of “Loaners” will lower a student’s citizenship grade.  Students will be marked “Non-Suit” in the event they do not have their own PE clothing and “Loaners” are unavailable.  



    Students who are not in the locker room before the bell rings and/or dressed out and on their roll call number at the beginning of class attendance will be marked tardy.  Unexcused tardies will lower a student’s citizenship grade.  Additionally, the LPMS Tardy Policy (found in the Student Planner) will be enforcedEarly is on-time, and on-time is late.


    Medical Excuses & Notes

    Parent/guardian contact is required in order to be excused from participation when sick or injured.  Acceptable forms of communication include: a written note signed by the legal guardian or an email from the legal guardian’s email address.  Please provide a brief description of the injury/illness, including a timeframe for rejoining activities, as well as acceptable modifications (if any.)  Please utilize a phone call to the office as a last resort for such matters, as the office staff has a lot on their plates already. Notes, emails, and/or calls from parents/guardians are accepted for up to five consecutive days.  A note from a physician is required after five days and the note should indicate when the student is able to return to class activities.  Students will still be required to change clothing unless the injury prevents them from reasonably doing so.  Alternative (typically written) assignments will be given in some cases.

    **If you use an inhaler for asthma, please fill out the required paperwork in the front office which allows students to possess and use an inhaler on campus.  Storing an “extra” inhaler in the office is highly recommended, as it is vitally important to have one on campus when it’s needed



    LOCK YOUR BELONGINGS!!  Locks with combinations not entered into the PE department’s database may be cut off if they are locked on incorrect baskets/lockers.   Do not leave any personal items unattended in the locker room.  Do not share locks or lockers.  Keep your combo private!!  Small baskets are for PE items only.  Tall lockers can be used to store school clothes and personal items during PE class time only.  Label all PE clothes with the student's name (EX: J. Montana, S. Young, or J. Rice.)  It is highly recommended to leave valuables at home or in your hall locker.  While we do monitor the locker rooms for safety and security, Louis Pasteur Middle School PE Department is not responsible for lost/stolen items.


    Physical Education Behavior Expectations

    1) RESPECT- Treat yourself, your teacher, and your classmates with respect by following instructions and holding yourself to a high standard of behavior.  Use appropriate language and gestures.  Treat others as you wish to be treated and be a likable classmate.  Maintain personal space and keep your hands to yourself.

    2) RESPONSIBILITY- You usually know the difference between “right” and “wrong,” so make the right choice! Bring your PE clothing and dress out every day…failing to prepare is preparing to fail!! Stay on task.  PE is a class, so please treat it as such.  Have fun, but focus on the lesson or activity.  Be punctual and use equipment appropriately.

    3) KINDNESS- Be kind whenever possible… it’s always possible.  Be a problem solver, not a problem starter.

    4) SAFETY- Be aware of your surroundings and make good choices.  Follow all instructions and always use equipment as it is intended to be used.  Stay within the school boundaries. Do not leave class without permission.  This includes going to the front office, getting a drink of water, and using the restroom.  Safety is not MY job, nor is it YOUR job… it’s OUR job!!!


Last Modified on August 13, 2022