• Materials needed everyday -
    1) Pen/pencil
    2) Composition book for science (lined or graph) 
    Class Content for 8th grade science -
     Who are they and what do they do? 
    Scientific Method and Safety:
     The process that scientists, and people in general, use to discover knowledge.  The methods and tools to insure safety during laboratory experiments.
    Forces and Motion:
     Using Newton's 3 laws of motion, basic physics concepts are explored involving velocity and unbalanced forces. Electric and magnetic
      forces will be touched upon as well.
    Structure of Matter:
     The composition of matter as the building blocks of the universe.  Properties of matter including density and buoyancy.
    Energy Transfer:
     The effect of energy transfer within different systems such as phase changes.
    Chemistry and Reactions:
     The behavior of matter and the processes in which atoms rearrange into different combinations of molecules.
    Engineering Practices:
     Designing and building things to test in a controlled environment. 
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