• Materials needed everyday -
    1) Pen/pencil
    2) Composition book for science (lined or graph) 
    Class Syllabus for 8th grade science -
    Scientific Method and Safety:
     The process that scientists, and people in general, use to discover knowledge.  The methods and tools to insure safety during laboratory experiments.
     Who are they and what do they do? 
    Measurement and the Tools of Science:
     The metric unit system and tools used to investigate and experiment.
    Forces and Motion:
     Using Newton's 3 laws of motion, basic physics concepts are explored involving velocity and unbalanced forces.
    Structure of Matter:
     The composition of matter as the building blocks of the universe.  Properties of matter including density and buoyancy.
    Chemistry and Reactions:
     The behavior of matter and the processes in which atoms rearrange into different combinations of molecules.
    Energy Transfer:
     The affect of energy transfer within different systems such as phase changes.
    Engineering Practices:
     Designing and building things to test in a controlled environment. 
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