Big6 Research Model


    The primary goal of the library is that students learn how to locate, access and properly use information from a variety of sources. The library program focuses on the Big6 Research Model:


    Task Definition

    • What is the problem to be solved? 

    • What types of information are needed to solve the problem?

    Information-Seeking Strategies

    • What are the possible sources of information?

    • Which sources are the best for any given assignment?

    Location and Access

    • Where are these sources?

    • Where is the information in each source?

    Use of Information

    • What information does the source provide?

    • How can you extract the information you need?


    • How does all the information from all the sources fit together?  

    • How is the information best presented?


    • Was the information problem solved?

    • If the problem had to be solved again, what would you do differently?

    "Big6", Michael B. Eisenberg and Robert E. Berkowitz, 1990



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