• Defining Strategic Planning ... 

    San Juan Unified has chosen to use a strategic planning process developed by Cambridge Strategic Services.

    Strategic planning is different from other forms of planning such as comprehensive plans or long range plans.  To plan strategically, an organization must be autonomous with the locus of control being internal, and, the organization must focus on its mission rather than extending or maintaining the current efforts in place.

    Strategic planning is the means by which a community continuously creates systems to serve extraordinary purpose. San Juan Unified's strategic plan will:

    • Align and focus resources in the district toward achieving one unifying mission.
    • Create a plan that is based on consensus from all stakeholders in the school system.
    • Impact all levels of the District including classrooms, school sites, central offices, and the community.
    • Engage in a continuous renewal process that ensures we will adjust to changing conditions and continue moving forward.
Last Modified on May 14, 2014