• We will ensure all staff are implementing effective instructional strategies, integrating technology and utilizing assessment data to actively engage each student to increase achievement on state standards, 21st century skills, and personal educational plans.
    Plans for Strategy 1 were revised in the 2011-12 Update

    Specific Results

    1.  Implement effective instructional practices that engage all students through relevant evidence-based, rigorous and personalized approaches.2012-2013
    2.  Engage all students in 21st century learning/assessment that leads to independence, application, and transfer to college, career, and citizenship.
    3.  Implement literacy practices within and across content areas as the foundation for teaching and learning based on Common Core State Standards.2012-2013
    4.  Implement tiered interventions, enrichment and support for students demonstrating need both academically and behaviorally.
    5.  Utilize multifaceted assessments in an on-going process that staff collaboratively use to guide instruction and students use to inform their learning.2012-2013
    6.  Develop and implement a comprehensive, on-going cycle of professional development aligned to SJUSD's mission and objectives, integrating effective instructional strategies, assessment models, and instructional technology.2010-2012
    7.  Implement on-going District training on diversity/cultural proficiency for all staff.
    8.  Implement evidence-based and differentiated instructional strategies to ensure equity and close achievement gaps.2012-2013

    9.  Integrate appropriate technological tools and resources to resources to support effective instruction and learning.2012-2013
    New Implementation
    On-going & Active
Last Modified on October 9, 2015