• We will expand human, community, and financial resources and ensure they are used most effectively to achieve our mission and objectives.

    Specific Results
    1.  Create a district-wide marketing campaign that enhances the District image and increases human and fiscal resources.2010-2013
    2.  Complete a database and summarize the results of a district-wide survey of current partnerships at the site level and district level.2011-2012
    3.  Form, sustain, and increase partnerships with non-profits, corporate sponsors, and public agencies.2011-2013
    4.  Strengthen the partnership between the San Juan Education Foundation and the District.*2010-2011
    5.  Create program evaluation protocols that ensure effective use of community, human, and financial resources to support the District's mission and objectives.
    6.  Develop a district-wide framework to encourage volunteers throughout the district.2010-2013
    7.  Increase funding through grant writing consistent with the Strategic Plan and school site plans.*2009-2011
    8.  Expand the diversity of the District workforce to better reflect the students they serve.2011-2013

    New Implementation
    On-going & Active
Last Modified on October 9, 2015