• We will ensure effective two-way communication that is honest, transparent, and timely to build trusting relationships and create a unified collaborative learning community.
    Plans for Strategy 3 were revised in the 2011-12 Update
    Specific Results
    1.  Ensure maximum transparency and community awareness of key decisions making processes at all levels.2012-2013
    2.  Increase the voices of all diverse stakeholders at school sites and at the district level decision making processes to develop trusting relationships and a caring, productive, and efficient working and learning environment.
    3.  Utilize current and evolving technologies to provide a variety of two-way communication tools which will meet the individual communication needs of district stakeholders.
    4.  Create and maintain equitable avenues of two-way communication and feedback mechanisms between stakeholders that are safe and free of reprisal, with assurance of timely follow-up.
    5.  Define and implement norms concerning internal and external communication based on respect, responsibility, honesty, caring, cooperation, and courage.2012-2013
    6.  Align the site and District department plans to the District's Strategic Plan withing four years.2009-2013
    7.  Streamline and upgrade the District Website to include multilingual links for Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian, with a phasing in of other languages over a five-year period.*2011-2012
    New Implementation
    On-going & Active
Last Modified on October 9, 2015