• We will integrate relevant technology into teaching, learning and system operations to best achieve our mission and objectives.
    Plans for Strategy 5 were revised in the 2011-12 Update

    Specific Results
    Results 1 and 2 relate directly to instructional technology.  These statements are now embedded in Strategy 1.

    3.  Expand access to professional development in technology through a variety of delivery methods including but not limited to online training, podcast, live training, etc.2010-2013
    4.  Develop and provide technology support structures at sites for all levels to enable staff to fully implement technology in the instructional program.2011-2013
    5.  Establish a technology equipment standard for classrooms based on current and emerging technology.*2009-2011
    6.  Establish protocol for periodic upgrades of district-wide computer applications, operating systems, and hardware needed to support software.2011-2013
    7.  Facilitate the ability to access files and resources remotely for all staff.*2010-2012
    8.  Expand and disseminate information on secure professional networking-type learning communities for staff and students to collaborate to support teaching and learning.2011-2012
    Result 9 relates directly to instructional technology.  This statement is now embedded in Strategy 1.
    10.  Create and implement a technology infrastructure standard for school sites that includes 100mb bandwidth and wireless infrastructure.*2009-2011
    New Implementation
    On-going & Active
Last Modified on October 9, 2015