Strategy 6

  • We will identify, model, and integrate positive character traits, as well as develop means for assessment, to help our students become contributing, responsible, and caring members of a diverse community.

    Specific Results
    1.  Identify and approve a set of positive character traits for preschool through adult students, staff and community that honors the diversity within our District boundaries.*2009-2010
    2.  Increase the awareness and participation of community, parents, staff, and students in the planning and implementation of character development at each school site.2010-2012
    3.  Teach, model, and reinforce evidence based character education practices that address the diverse needs of all stakeholders at each school level. (e.g. service learning, project-based learning).2010-2012
    4.  Embed the identified character traits throughout the District, departments, and schools.2011-2013
    5.  Provide a District support system for site implementation of the character education initiative.
    6.  Establish an evaluation system for positive character trait development.2011-2013
    On-going & Active

    Six Positive Character Traits

    • Respect
    • Responsibility

    • Honesty

    • Caring

    • Cooperation

    • Courage

    Strategy Six Character Traits School Honorarium 2014-15

    Strategy Six Action Team members offer each school an honorarium of $300.00 to support the practice of imbedding and demonstrating the six positive character traits adopted in the District’s Strategic Plan. Click here to apply. 
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