• AVID

    This international program is an elective class offered 9-12th grade to motivated students with college potential. The class teaches organization, study skills, college research, and the Socratic Method to promote inquiry, analysis and critical thinking. You will love the support and camaraderie among classmates. The AVID elective gives students the extra push necessary to not only help them with acceptance to four-year colleges (SAT/ACT prep, financial aid, scholarships, college applications,…) but to foster the skills necessary for them to be successful college students. For more information/data on AVID success rates see AVID all schools info flier below or view SJUSD AVID Info Video below. There is limited space within the program.


    For incoming 8th graders: due to Distance Learning at home the in-person presentations were pre-recorded. These were sent home to all Carnegie and Gold River 8th grade students and parents/guardians on Monday, March 25th. You can click the link below to watch that recording.  You must fill out an application by February 12th to be considered for the program. Your participation in middle school AVID does not guarantee entry. Candidates for the 2021-2022 school year AVID Elective will be notified either way after March 26th.  


    For current Bella Vista students OR Incoming 10th-12th graders who are interested in joining AVID: Contact the Bella Vista AVID Coordinator – Kamryn Gonzalez at kgonzalez@sanjuan.edu at any time.


    AVID all schools info flier is available click here.

    2021/2022 School Year Presentation Video with Application Info is available here:  


    Passcode: Vm2d#hVy (case sensitive!)

    Current year application is available click here.

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