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Online High School Courses

In order to improve options for San Juan Unified students, a specific set of online courses have been pre-approved for high school credit for students who: 

  1. Need to recover a failed course, 
  2. Need to improve a grade, or 
  3. Need to take an additional course outside of the school day.

Students who choose to take an online class will complete all of the coursework on their own, following the guidelines of the provider offering the course. Students must work with their counselors if interested.  Exams must be proctored by approved school district staff.  Each of the site's high school counseling offices have lists of approved providers and courses.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible to take an online course for San Juan Unified credit?

A: Any 9th through 12th grade student currently enrolled in a San Juan Unified high school. 

Q: How many online courses will be accepted for credit?

A: 10 credits per year from online courses or other co-enrollment programs will be accepted.  

Q: How do I register for online courses with the district?

A: Students interested in taking an online course must have it approved by their high school prior to beginning the course. 

Q: How do I register for online courses with the providers offering it?

A: Links to the providers offering the online courses are available from the student's high school counseling office. All students must register directly with the provider. 

Q: Who pays for the online course?

A: Students are responsible for the registration fees and materials.  

Q: How do I get the online course put on my transcript?

A: Once you complete the course and receive an official transcript, take it to your school’s counseling office. The counselor at the school will ensure the course is appropriately noted on the transcript.