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Provide Input on the Learning Materials Being Considered for  Adoption During the 24-25 School Year

During the 2024-2025 school year, we will be adopting new materials for the following courses:

  • History Social Science
    • American Government
    • Advanced Placement American Government
    • Advanced Placement World History
    • Advanced Placement Macro Economics
    • Cultural Anthropology
    • Constitutional Law, Political Science, Criminal/Civil Law, You and the Law
  • Math
    • Financial Math
    • Math Modeling
  • World Languages
    • Japanese, all levels, including Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate

As part of the process our selection committees use to determine which materials to recommend for adoption, we are seeking the participation of students, families/caregivers, and staff in materials review committees for all of the materials being considered.

For all committees, the application window was open Feb. 8-March 1, 2024 and all who applied were notified of their status on or before March 8, 2024. If you missed the window, information about how you can still view the materials and provide input will be shared at the beginning of the Fall semester.


Review Materials by Subject

In-person and Online Review Opportunities for Materials Being Considered During the 24-25 School Year

We will offer in-person  and, when available, online review opportunities of the materials being considered for adoption during the 2024-2025 school. For in-person review, there will be multiple dates and locations available. When the dates and locations for in-person review during Fall 2024 have been determined, this section will be updated.

For online review, the "Review Materials by Subject" table (above on this page) will be updated with access information to view the materials online once the materials being considered for adoption have been identified and we have received the digital access information from the publishers. Online review will span a period of time from October to December (exact dates to come). 

Guidance for reviewing materials

As you begin to review materials, it may help to focus on one aspect of the materials and then compare that aspect across all of the materials being considered for that course.

For example, you might decide you want to focus on student practice activities in the materials. You can look at the practice activities in one set of materials and then compare that to the activities provided by the other set of materials.

Another approach might be to look at the visuals in one set of materials and then compare those to the visuals used to illustrate concepts and information in the other set of materials being considered for that course.

Or you might decide to look at a specific topic of the course and compare how the two sets of materials introduce and practice that topic. It may be helpful to examine the table of contents for each set of materials in order to identify the topic or topics that are present in the both sets of materials and that you would like to focus on or compare in your review. 

Courses for which materials are being considered are in the table below. 

After reviewing, please submit your feedback

Whether you join us in person or review online, your feedback is important. In order to collect input from our community to inform the selection process, all who review materials are asked to complete the form below so that we can share your input with the selection committee. Please fill out one form for each set of materials you review. Please complete the form each time you review materials.

The feedback form and deadline to provide input to be provided in Fall, 2024.

Update on 23-24 Materials adoptions

Selection committees have completed their work and their recommendations are being forwarded to the Curriculum and Standards Committee. That committee will review the recommendations and, at their March 20 meeting, they will determine whether to forward those recommendations onto the Board. The San Juan Unified School District Board will have the adoptions as a discussion item at their April 9 meeting and then the recommendations will be an action item on their April 23 meeting. 

General information about Instructional Materials Adoptions

Content-Area Resources

Early Literacy Support Block Grant

Instructional Materials Pilot and Adoption Schedule

The tabs below show the year in which new instructional materials are expected to be reviewed for possible adoption. Typically, implementation occurs the next year. Please note these dates are a work in progress and subject to change.