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The Arts

District Vision for Arts Education

In San Juan Unified School District, we strive to empower and inspire our learning community to engage all students in rigorous and authentic experiences that build critical thinking, curiosity, and wonder.  

Guiding Principle

We strongly believe that equitable access to visual and performing arts is an essential part of a well-rounded education.  


San Juan Unified  is dedicated to creativity, innovation, and artistic literacy in its standards-based instruction of the essential elements of the visual and performing arts for ALL of its TK-Adult students. The desired outcome is a knowledgeable individual who utilizes creative and divergent thinking, design, and productive collaboration to thoughtfully appreciate, and meaningfully produce in today's complex world.

Elementary Education Arts Education 

  • Classroom Art, Dance, and Music taught by credentialed Arts teachers during the school day
  • Before/After school art, band, dance, guitar, orchestra, choir and drama ensembles taught by credentialed Arts teachers and classified community members

Secondary Education Arts Education

  • Full spectrum of Theatre, Visual Art, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Media and Dance
  • Before/After School Theatre, Visual Art, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Media and Dance programs taught by credentialed teachers