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    Our destination is education.  

    Do you enjoy working with children? Are you looking for a meaningful career with family-friendly hours and full benefits? Have you considered becoming a school bus driver?
    Come aboard and join the San Juan Unified team! 
    We are currently offering signing bonuses for licensed school bus drivers. Licensed school bus drivers hired after Oct. 20, 2016, can earn up to $2,000 in their first year of employment until routes are filled, on top of a competitive salary. 
    Licensed school bus drivers hired after Oct. 20, 2016, can earn up to $2,000 in their first year of employment until routes are filled, on top of a competitive salary!

    • $1,500 paid to the recruited licensed school bus driver on the completion of the first 90 days of district employment 
    • $500 paid on the recruited licensed school bus driver's one-year employment anniversary as a district employee 

    Bus drivers receive generous salary and benefits packages, including full employee medical and dental coverage and 75 percent coverage for dependents.  Our district offers a free training program that candidates must complete before applying for a bus driver position. 

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    A bus driver is a crucial part of a student's day. They are the first school staff member seen in the morning, and the last seen in the afternoon.  Take a look: 

A day in the life

Driving in San Juan Unified

  • What is the salary range for school bus drivers?
    The current San Juan Unified School Bus Driver salary ranges from $16.67—$20.87 per hour with annual increases for the first few years. After that, there are periodic increases for longevity and/or cost of living.

    What is a typical day like for a school bus driver?
    San Juan Unified provides home-to-school transportation for our special needs students along with a limited number of other students. Drivers arrive early in the morning to do a safety check on their bus before beginning their route. The morning route(s) can last from three to four hours. After delivering the students to school, some drivers are finished until their afternoon route begins. For others, the middle of their day includes:

    • Therapy routes 
    • Kindergarten routes 
    • Field trips 
    • Work study routes 
    • Mid-day transfers

    At approximately 1:30 or 2 p.m. drivers return to transport the students home.

    Does San Juan Unified offer a benefits package?
    Yes! In fact, some of the best you'll find. San Juan Unified offers several options for their employees to choose from and can include medical, dental, vision and life.

    How many hours could I expect to work?
    Current bus driving positions range from six to eight hours per day. 

Job requirements

  • Free training provided; no experience required.

    • Receive instruction and pass a class on school bus laws and regulations. 
    • Pass a pre-employment drug test. 
    • Obtain medical clearance from the DMV. 
    • Obtain a Commercial Driver License.
    • Obtain first aid training and certification. 
    • Pass a criminal background check. 
    • Successful completion of behind-the-wheel training in a school bus. 
    • Successfully pass written and driving tests administered by the California Highway Patrol. 
    • Must enjoy interacting with students! 
Last Modified on March 18, 2019