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Parent and Student Portals

Q Parent Portal

Q Parent Portal allows parents to update their own contact information, student emergency contacts, and to subscribe to automated emails containing attendance, assignments, and classroom news. Parents are able to view information such as class schedules, test results, attendance, grades, assignments, progress notices, report cards, transcript information, teacher messages, student login credentials, and activities.

Access Q Parent Portal. All parents are automatically given access when their students are enrolled. Parents login to the Q Parent Portal using a numeric Personal Identification Number (PIN) and password provided by their student’s school or by San Juan Central Enrollment. Login credentials can be retrieved via email for parents who have an email on file with San Juan Unified.

Q Student Portal

Q Student Portal allows students to view class schedules, test results, attendance, grades, assignments, transcript and graduation requirements information, teacher messages, activities, and other information about their education. Students are also able to print progress notices and other forms via the Q Student Portal.

Access Q Student Portal. All students are automatically given access while enrolled in a San Juan Unified school. Students login to the Q Student Portal using their district username and password provided by their school. Teachers are able to retrieve student login credentials and reset passwords. Parents also have access to view their student’s username and password via the Q Parent Portal in the Login Credentials area.

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