• OPEN BIDS AND RFP'S (non-construction)

    San Juan Unified School District's bids are also advertised in the Daily Recorder.
    NOTE: Please go to Construction RFP/RFQ/Bid/Award page for all construction RFP/RFQ/Bids.
    • Vendors are encouraged to submit bids/offers for each Request for Quotation (RFQ),  Bid, or Request for Proposal (RFP) that they can supply in accordance with the specifications, terms, and conditions stated in the RFQ/Bid/RFP. Responders should carefully read the entire solicitation. Questions should be addressed to only those individuals listed on the bid/proposal document.
    • The bid or proposal must be signed by an authorized representative. Bids and RFPs bids and offers must be submitted in a sealed envelope or box with the Bid or RFP number and closing date listed on the outside. RFQs may be emailed to the requesting buyer, but Bids & RFPs must be mailed or delivered to the address noted on the bid/proposal. It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure that a bid or proposal is received by the purchasing department prior to the time and date specified.
    • Bids and proposals may be withdrawn prior to the bid/proposal opening time and date. Unless withdrawn, all submitted bids and proposals become the property of the District. Bids and proposals must be firm for a minimum of 30 days, unless otherwise provided for in the Bid or RFP.
     Bid/RFP Check list (Please note that these instructions do not contain all applicable requirements)
    • Review all standard terms and conditions
    • Properly identify mailing envelope or box
    • Sign your bid or offer on the front page or elsewhere as indicated
    • Initial any bid or offer changes you make
    • Submit bid security (if requested)
    • Include literature (if requested)
    • Review and complete all listed requirements
    • Cost of goods or service to include F.O.B. destination (Ship t address) Freight prepaid
    • Acknowledgment of Addendum(s) (if any)
Last Modified on January 9, 2023