A message from Mr. Smith, the DPM principal

    Del Paso Manor Families:


    Welcome to Del Paso Manor Elementary School.   My name is Damon Smith, and as the principal of Del Paso Manor, I would like to welcome you to our great school!

    For many of you visiting this page, you are looking for a great school for your children.  This is a wonderful community where your children will be treated with respect from fellow students and staff.  If you are interested in a tour of our school, please call 916-575-2330 to set up a group or private tour.


    At Del Paso Manor, we believe education is best developed with the partnership of our parents/guardians and community.  Our goals become reality when we work together in a collaborative effort.  Parents/guardians are always welcome at our school.  Whether you are helping a small group in the classroom, chaperoning a field trip, volunteering as noon duty supervision, working with our phenomenal and supportive PTA, etc; your dedication and support is reaching every student at our school.


    Students feel that Del Paso Manor provides them with a caring and nurturing environment that helps them want to attend and be successful at school.  We provide many different activities that help students regardless of their particular learning style.  While our curriculum is challenging and rigorous, it is taught in a fun and engaging manner.  When you visit our school, look for all the smiles and engagement in each classroom.


    Thank you for your visit,

    Damon Smith

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    DPM Mustang


Last Modified on August 2, 2021