Dear Greer Families and Community Partners,

    Welcome to the 2020-21 school year! We hope you all have been staying healthy and doing as well as possible, given the COVID-19 challenges that we've all been facing. Due to the current public health conditions, we will start the year on August 13th in a Distance Learning model. Though the beginning of this school year is very different from any that we've ever had before, we are excited to partner with our families and community partners to make it just as PAWSome as all our other years have been! Together, we CAN do this!

    Greer staff will support Distance Learning by:

    • Providing technology and learning materials for every family.
    • Google Classroom will be used by every teacher to share assignments, grade assignments, and communicate.
    • Providing live, daily academic lessons and opportunities to support Social Emotional Learning (SEL). This is called “synchronous instruction”.
    • Providing opportunities for students to engage in learning when convenient for your family (called “asynchronous instruction”) in subjects that all students need to have for their grade level.
    • Assigning grades to students based on their participation and work completed.
    • Taking daily attendance.
    • Providing weekly Music, Art and PE instruction.
    • Providing counseling, community and emotional supports for students and families.
    • Providing free or reduced cost meal programs.
    • Regularly communicating with families.
    • Many of our teachers use Class Dojo for communication with families. Families download the "app" and teachers will invite you to join their Class Dojo group.

    Families can support their child(ren)'s learning by:

    • Staying positive about Distance Learning - at least when kids are listening! We know this is tough, but our belief that we will make this work goes a long way for childen to stay motivated.
    • Establishing a regular sleep schedule for your child - 10 to 12 hours per night - so that they can be ready for online, direct instruction from their teacher each day.
    • Monitoring and help your child as needed to complete and turn in assignments.
    • Providing a quiet place for your child(ren) to access online instruction every day. Headsets may help your child focus.
    • Having your child read (or be read to) at least 20 minutes per day.
    • Communicating with your child’s teacher regularly. Teachers are often supervising their own children’s Distance Learning while working and may not respond to you until the next school day.
    • Let us know if you need support with Distance Learning or access to community resources.
    • Like the Greer Elementary Facebook page for regular updates and resources.

    Thank you for partnering with us to support your child's learning! By working together, we will get through the COVID-19 pandemic and can't wait to all be together again soon! #pantherstrong


    Amy Rovai Gregory, Principal

    Kate Hazarian, Vice Principal




Last Modified on August 10, 2020