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    July 29, 2020

    Good Evening Mission Families,

    We hope you are enjoying these last weeks of summer break and are beginning to prepare for a new school year. I think we can all agree that we dearly miss our Mission community and traditions, but we also honor our need for health and safety.

    While school has been closed for summer, teams of teachers and support staff throughout the district have been working diligently behind the scenes to develop a stronger and more accessible instruction for all students.  As with many situations during COVID-19, we remain flexible to possible changes that may occur as new information is released from district and county leaders. We hope you appreciate the updates as they arise.

    Re-Enrollment for 2020/2021
    San Juan Unified schools are eager to welcome students back to instruction on Aug. 13.  To help us prepare, parents and guardians are asked to complete the annual information update process which can be accessed online through the Parent Portal (Click here). Responses to this form will be used to reserve computers for students during distance learning and help schools offer other services.  Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on San Juan Unified’s webpage if you have further questions -  https://www.sanjuan.edu/Page/50141. Also, we have attached are some images to assist you in the process. 

    Technology Needs for Distance Learning
    Does your child have access to technology from Monday through Friday starting in August? If your answer is “NO”, you will want to click the “NO” button during the re-enrollment process within the Parent Portal.  If your children need to share a device at home, then you will want to want to click the “NO” button, so each of your children can have their own computer device. You will also be asked if you have internet access in order to determine which families will need of a hotspot device. Our district will be using this information to determine how many computers to release to families, so please complete the re-enrollment and technology. Kindergarten and 1st grade students will initially be issued a Chromebook until our Touch Screen Chromebooks arrive sometime in September.

    Chromebook and Instructional Materials
    Chromebook and instructional materials (Mission students only) will be distributed at Mission Ave Open on Friday, August 7th and Monday, August 10th by grade level to support social distancing. Masks are highly recommended whenever you visit campus.  If you cannot come to the Mission campus during your child’s grade level time, please contact your school Principal, Margaret Terzich, by email at Margaret.Terzich@sanjuan.edu.  An alternate date and time will be scheduled to support your needs.

    Friday, Aug. 7
    8 – 10 am            Kindergarten
    10 am – 12 pm     First Grade
    12 – 2 pm            Second Grade
    2 – 4 pm              Third Grade
    4 – 6 pm              Anyone in Grades Kindergarten to Third

    Monday, Aug. 10
    8 – 10 am            Fourth Grade
    10 am – 12 pm     Fifth Grade
    12 – 2 pm            Sixth Grade
    3 – 6 pm              Anyone in Grades Kindergarten to Sixth Grade

    School Supplies
    Our teachers and PTA members are working together to determine what might be needed for students to effectively work at home during Distance Learning. Teachers will soon provide their list of recommended school supplies that students may need during Distance Learning.  We recognize there are great sales in our local stores right now, and we hope to get lists out for families to capture those deals. Please watch your emails for more information in the coming week. 

    Synchronous Schedules in Distance Learning
    Mission teachers and specialists are working closely to develop schedules that will support the greatest flexibility to our families in Distance Learning. As you might imagine, this is a very challenging task to and we appreciate your patience with this process.

    Changes in Mission Staff
    As with many events that have occurred during COVID-19, we have seen unexpected changes that aren't always what we would hope for. Such is the case with Mary Beth McClain who has made a very difficult decision to voluntarily transfer to teaching in home-school for the entire school year.  Her focus remains on providing the highest quality instruction to her students, while also ensuring her health and safety are carefully considered. This was a very hard decision to make, because she loves the Mission community and I know we will all miss her dearly. With this change, Morgan McAllister will be teaching kindergarten alongside Melinda Livermore and we are awaiting word from district on our next steps for the second-grade vacancy. 

    July 16, 2020

    Dear Mission Ave Open Parents and Students,

    In all my years of education, I have never felt such a heavy weight on my heart as I do right now. I had such high hopes that COVID-19 would be far behind us and our schools would be planning for a return to our campus. However, recent news reports from across our state have made it clear we are still facing a crisis with no easy answers.

    As many of you are aware, the Sacramento County Office of Education has issued guidance with the support of county health officials that schools should begin the year with a distance learning format. As has been our practice, San Juan Unified will continue to follow local and state guidance and start our school year offering families the choice of a strengthened distance learning option or TK-8 homeschool / 9-12 independent study.

    Tonight, the Board of Education will be asked to approve the continuum of instruction that staff have worked to develop. That continuum provides multiple instructional options to families as community health conditions allow. The board documentation reflecting the county’s new guidance has been posted to our district's website and can be viewed with this link - https://www.sanjuan.edu/fall2020.

    If you would like to view our board meeting, visit www.sanjuan.edu/july16. The meeting link will be posted at approximately 5:15 p.m. The meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. If you have challenges getting into the link, you may simultaneously view it on San Juan's YouTube page or by clicking here - YouTube.

    I am keenly aware that our students, staff and families continue to struggle emotionally and economically during this crisis. There are different perspectives on how to solve these issues and everyone is emotionally charged. Please know that my heart goes out to each and every one of you during this incredibly difficult time.

    In my lifetime, I have had to endure extremely challenging circumstances that I never expected and had no control over. Through it all, I have learned an incredible lesson as a parent:

    Life will bring circumstances that will knock us down, and the best lesson we can teach our children who are watching us closely is to be resilient. We must model to our children how to get back up with our heads held high. There is always joy in the journey if we look for it.

    As we move forward with the 2020-2021 school year, the staff at Mission Ave Open will remain committed to providing the very best academic and social-emotional support we can offer your child. We will keep our minds focused on being FOR one another, not against one another. We will be united as a school, community and family, because our students deserve it. We will remain dedicated to preserving and protecting the positive culture of Mission Ave Open, so that when this crisis is over, we can all look back and say: "We got back up with our heads held high and we found joy in the journey."

    Please reach out to me if you have concerns or questions by email at margaret.terzich@sanjuan.edu or by calling my Google Voice number at (530) 718-2151.


    Margaret Terzich, Principal

    June 5, 2020

    To view the directions for how to access the parent portal from your mobile device, please select from one of the attachments below, which are also translated to assist you.


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