• Mission Magic

    Greetings and welcome to the "Magic" at Mission Ave Open Elementary School!

    I am thrilled you decided to take a look at our webpage and learn more about our school, programs, students and high-qualified staff. Mission has a strong tradition of academic excellence and hands-on learning experiences. Our dedication continues to focus on providing our students with innovative, 21st century learning that will prepare them for future college and/or career dreams.

    This year, we will continue to dig into our newly adopted curriculum including Benchmark for Language Arts, Amplify for math and science, and Studies Weekly for history-social science.  While our core curriculum is available for all students, teachers recognize and honor the unique learning needs of every child. Students will also have access to online support to build skills, and teachers will differentiate lessons in class, so that all children have access to great learning.

    We highly encourage our parents/guardians to volunteer and there are many opportunities to get involved.  Teachers welcome support in class and on field trips, and our dedicated PTA welcome your participation with flexible schedules and a variety of tasks.  Parent involvement is an essential part of every child's academic and social emotional growth, and your child will always remember how much you valued their education.  

    Do you want to know what Mission Magic is all about? 

    Although many symbols around our campus may show a dragon or unicorn, Mission Magic is best described by watching the many families who volunteer to make a great learning experience come to life, the dedication of our entire staff in loving every child, and the feelings and memories that remain in the hearts and minds of each child long after they promote to middle and high school.  Mission Magic can be felt when you visit our classrooms, walk our hallways, attend our events, and travel on our annual field trips.

    We look forward to partnering with you to help every student at Mission achieve to their greatest potential and have a memorable school year. Go Mission!

    Warm Regards,

    Margaret Terzich, Principal



    The latest Principal's Message can be found on:  https://www.sanjuan.edu/domain/1111


Last Modified on August 12, 2019