• Whitney's Mission   

    Valuing each individual’s diversity and worth, the mission of Whitney Avenue Elementary is to educate and nurture each child to be a cooperative and independent learner with the skills to be prepared for the future (a productive (global citizen)) through rigorous evidence based programs and creative problem solving, in a physically and emotionally safe, collaborative learning environment, shared by staff, families, students, and community. We provide opportunities for enrichment, intervention, and remediation as necessary to meet the needs of all students at Whitney. We set high expectations for all students. 

    Our Objectives

    With the support from all stakeholders each student each student will develop and apply the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will prepare them for college or career readiness and enable appropriate utilization of cooperative and independent learning strategies in an ever- changing world.  With the support from all stakeholders each student each student will demonstrate persistent growth in Core Content areas and Social Emotional Learning as determined, but not limited to, multiple measures of achievement and growth including reflection, self-assessments, and goal setting. With the support from all stakeholders each student each student will develop and consistently practice character traits needed to become compassionate, contributing, cooperative, and responsible citizens.

    I want to welcome you and your students to Whitney Avenue Elementary School. The teachers and support staff at Whitney are a fantastic group of dedicated individuals who are committed to educating and inspiring each student to succeed and responsibly contribute to our rapidly changing world. Our staff has worked hard this summer to refine our whole school reform model and continue our professional learning which focuses on developing every students' 21st century skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration.   

    In addition, as a community we have gone through the exciting process of Strategic Planning.  Through the process we developed a mission statement, objectives and tactics.  If you would like to read the full plan I encourage you to click on the Whitney Avenue Strategic Plan. Russian, Ukrainian, and Spanish versions are also available in the front office.   
    We look forward to continuing to work with our whole community to ensure the success of each student.
    Christina Allison
    Whitney Avenue Elementary
    "We Can't Hide Our Whitney Pride!" 
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    Christina Allison

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