Carriage Strategic Plan Mission & Objectives

  • Our Mission:

    Carriage Elementary, a visual and performing arts school, in partnership with families and community, will ensure all children build a strong academic foundation that empowers them to become responsible 21st-century citizens through a balanced an engaging curriculum. 

    Our School’s Strategic Plan is a plan that will guide our school into the future and provide a focus for the school community.  The plan was revised to reflect the changing standards with the Common Core State Standards, and by the spring of 2017, all aspects of the plan should be in place.   Our plans will be implemented over the next several years and available resources will be allocated based upon these plans.

    Our Objectives:

    • Demonstrated through multiple measures, all students will annually achieve at least one year’s growth in English Language Arts and Math. 
    • To close the achievement gap by 2017, demonstrated through multiple measures, all students in targeted groups will annually achieve greater than one year’s growth in English Language Arts and Math. 
    • All students will demonstrate growth in knowledge and ability in visual and performing arts. 
    • By 2017, students will demonstrate 21st-century skills such as: use of technology, problem-solving, critical, logical and creative thinking, and collaboration

    Carriage Strategic Plan Brochure

Last Modified on September 29, 2020