We Believe That:
    • Every person is unique and has equal worth.
    • Every one can and will learn.
    • People learn in different ways and at varied paces.
    • Education is the shared responsibility of students, families, teachers, staff and community.
    • Quality education expands opportunities throughout a person's life.
    • Challenging people to meet high expectations leads to exceptional learning and remarkable results.
    • Nurturing relationships and healthy environments are necessary for individuals to thrive.
    • Diversity is a valuable asset that strengthens and enriches our community.
    • Personal development and community well-being depend on individual responsibility.
    • Everyone benefits when people willingly contribute to the well being of others.
    • Honesty and integrity are essential to build trusting relationships.
    • Access to a quality public education is essential to our democracy.
Last Modified on December 17, 2014