Mission & Objectives

  • Oakview Community School is one of 3 elementary schools in Orangevale for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. We provide students with knowledge, application, skills, processes, and a sense of responsibility. Oakview offers a high quality educational environment for lifelong learning and provides educational opportunities for broad community involvement. 

    We will be looking for staff, parents, and community members to be involved in our strategic planning process. If you are interested, please contact Rich Sullivan, Principal at 916-986-221.  

    Mission Statement

    At Oakview Community School we believe that a quality education should empower children to become productive, self-motivated and courteous members of a modern society. To reach this goal, staff, parents, and community work as partners to provide students with a broad-based and challenging academic curriculum varied with rich cultural activities and experiences designed to build social and interpersonal skills.


    At Oakview Community School we envision our school as the focal point for our students, their families, and the community. Our school will be a warm and welcoming, clean and safe environment that creates success. There will be a variety of celebrations of learning and growth which will provide a unique identity for Oakview Community School. Positive interaction is evident throughout the campus.

    The Oakview Community School encourages and truly wants all members to be active participants in our children’s education through classroom participation, school events, student conferences, homework, and parent education. Teamwork among staff, parents, and community members maximizes the resources and support available to our students. Our school community shares responsibility for student success.

Last Modified on January 21, 2020