A group of 15 planning team members, representing Thomas Kelly teachers, classified staff, parents, and community members met for two days to carve out the direction and focus for our school for the next three years. This process, known as strategic planning, has helped us identify a mission statement that reflects our unique niche; develop concrete, measurable objectives impacting student achievement; and create tactics and action plans that are essential to accomplishing our mission. Below is our strategic plan:


    The mission of Thomas Kelly Elementary, creating internationally-minded life-long learners, is to develop and empower every child to become a knowledgeable, caring, action-oriented, creative, and critical thinker through challenging student-centered, inquiry- based instruction, and learning environments in collaboration with students, families, and the community.


    • By 2016, we will increase the number of students in all groups performing at proficient or advanced levels in the areas of English language arts and math by 50% as shown through multiple measures.
    • All students will consistently demonstrate and reflect upon the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile attributes and attitudes.
    • All students will demonstrate communication, research, and thinking skills and take responsible actions as part of the learning process.
Last Modified on July 17, 2014