School Reports


  • School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

    School Accountability Report Cards (SARCs) A main component of our Strategic Plan is to actively engage families in the education process. School Accountability Report Cards for all San Juan schools are available on-line. Per request, paper copies are also available when requested from the individual school sites. Reports include a description of the school and its staff and students, community involvement, student achievement, student support services, expenditures, school facilities, class size, textbooks, and staff training and evaluation.

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    SchoolType School Year Language Assessment
    Elementary School Cowan 2019 English Download
    Elementary School Cowan 2018 English Download
    Elementary School Cowan 2017 English Download
    Elementary School Cowan 2016 English Download
    Elementary School Cowan 2015 English Download
    Elementary School Cowan 2015 Spanish Download
    Elementary School Cowan 2014 English Download
    Elementary School Cowan 2013 English Download
  • California Healthy Kids Survey Results

    The purpose of the California Healthy Kids Survey is to gather information on developmental supports provided to youth; school connectedness and barriers to learning, as well as behaviors such as physical activity and nutritional habits; alcohol, tobacco and other drug use; and school safety.

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  • District Survey School Level Reports

    Staff, parents and students completed surveys regarding: • Classroom and Home Supports for Learning • School Safety • School Climate • Home-School Communication • Decision Making and Parental Involvement Below is the link to the survey results for your school.

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    SchoolType School Year SurveyType Assessment
    Elementary Cowan 2020 Comparison Download
    Elementary Cowan 2020 Parent Download
    Elementary Cowan 2020 Staff Download
    Elementary Cowan 2020 Student Download
    Elementary Cowan 2019 Comparison Download
    Elementary Cowan 2019 Parent Download
    Elementary Cowan 2019 Staff Download
    elementary Cowan 2019 Student Download
    Elementary Cowan 2018 Comparison Download
    Elementary Cowan 2018 Parent Download
    Elementary Cowan 2018 Staff Download
    Elementary Cowan 2018 Student Download
    Elementary Cowan 2017 Comparison Download
    Elementary Cowan 2017 Parent Download
    Elementary Cowan 2017 Staff Download
    Elementary Cowan 2017 Student Download
    Elementary Cowan 2016 Comparison Download
    Elementary Cowan 2016 Parent Download
    Elementary Cowan 2016 Staff
    Elementary Cowan 2016 Student Download
    Elementary Cowan 2015 Comparison Download'
    Elementary Cowan 2015 Parent Download'
    Elementary Cowan 2015 Staff Download'
    Elementary Cowan 2015 Student Download'
    Elementary Cowan 2013 Comparison Download
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