Policies and Procedures

  • Visiting the School:

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, all visitors to campus are required to wear a face covering if in 3rd grade or older and space themselves at least 6 feet apart to follow physical distancing requirements. We will start the year in a Distance Learning format until public health conditions improve and school campuses are allowed to reopen. In the updated guidance from the State of California, CDPH requires that anyone entering the school must do a health screen and any student or staff exhibiting a fever or other symptoms will be immediately sent home. The guidance also provides that if anyone in a student or staff member’s household is sick, they too should stay home.

    Dress Code (when campus reopens):

    Appropriate school clothing is expected from all Greer students:

    • Shoes need a sturdy back strap for running and daily PE. (no heels or “wheelies”)
    • Drug, alcohol, smoking, violent messages or slogans on clothing is inappropriate.
    • Bare midriff, tank tops, spaghetti straps or see through clothing are inappropriate.
    • Jewelry must be safe and inexpensive.
    • Shorts/skirts/dresses must be no shorter than fingertip length (early fall/late spring only)
    • No SAGGING
    • No gang related dress will be tolerated.
    • Hats are allowed on the playground only for protection from the sun.
    • No make-up


District Policy on Use of Students in Photos and Video

  • Photos and video footage of students add significantly to the communication value of district and school publications, television productions, and websites. It is the district's desire to share the achievements and recognition earned by students with the broader community. This effort can be aided by the use of photos or video footage showing students involved in the classroom and school-related activities.

    Photos & Video

    Unless notified in writing of an objection by a parent, legal guardian, or student of age 18, photographs and video footage of students and/or names may be posted in district-produced materials including printed publications, television productions, and websites.

    If parents do not wish photographs or videos of their students to be used in these materials, they should complete a Photo/Video Opt-Out form available at school offices or via the link below. Please be aware that opt-out requests are valid for the current school year and must be renewed at the start of the next school year.
    If an opt-out form is filed, district and school staff members will ALSO request news media not interview your student or film/photograph your student. While local news media typically honor such requests, the district does not have legal authority to prevent your student from talking with media or restricting who media outlets film or photograph. You are encouraged to have a discussion with your student about your wishes should members of the news media request to interview them. 
    If photos or videos of students or staff are going to be created, maintained or displayed by a third party where the district or school will not have direct control of the materials, then a written release form is required. Contact the Community Relations Office at (916) 979-8281 to discuss options. 

    Photos & Video - Special Education Students and Homeless Students

    School and district staff will always seek parent/guardian permission before using a photo that identifies a student receiving special education or homeless services. Permission forms for these situations can also be obtained from school offices or via the link below.

    Please contact your school office or the Community Relations Office at (916) 979-8281 if you have any questions about this policy.

Last Modified on June 21, 2022