School Rules

  • The Mariemont Elementary School Behavior Policy is based on our goals for all students to:

    • Be Safe  
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible

    Mariemont Behavior Expectations

    Hallway Procedures

    • We will choose safe hands.
    • Our voices are off to respect learning.
    • We will walk on the right-hand side of the hall.
    • The main hallway has the right of way.
    • We will walk to class quietly after the bell rings.

    After School Pick-up

    • We know where our parents are picking us up.
    • We will wait calmly along the fence at the end of the D, E, and F Wing.
    • We will stay with our carpool group.
    • We know the teacher will direct us to our car.
    • I will leave campus by 3:40.
    • We will walk our bike, scooter, or skateboard on the bike path until we are off campus.


    • We will be safe and responsible.
    • We will eat snacks at the table/bench area.
    • All games will follow school rules.
    • We only play chase or tag games in PE.
    • We will follow play structure guidelines.
    • When the warning bell rings, we get a drink and use the restroom.


    • We will respect everyone’s privacy.
    • We will do our business and remember that playing and socializing (visiting) is for the playground.
    • We will help keep our bathroom clean and tidy.


    • I will raise my hand to leave my seat.
    • Once seated, I will stay in the same place (seat).
    • I will clean up my own space.
    • I will walk to and from the tables.
    • I will use restaurant behavior.
    • I will take only what I can eat from the fruit and salad bar.

    Off-Campus Behavior

    • I know the campus is closed until 8:40.
    • When we arrive on campus, we will walk our bike, scooter, or skateboard on the bike path to the bike rack area.
    • I will be able to play on the playground between 8:40 – 8:55.
    • I will arrive at school before the 8:55 bell.

    REMINDER: Please leave toys, balls and other equipment, radios, tape or CD players, permanent markers,  electronic games,  and such at home.

    Please read carefully the San Juan Unified School District’s Important Information for Parents and Students Handbook and especially the Reasons for Suspension and Expulsion document provided to you online or we have copies in the office for your reference. The consequences for serious misconduct are listed along with appropriate references to State Law and District Policy.  

    School Dress Guidelines

    Our primary concern with students’ clothing is that it is comfortable, safe, and not distracting to others. The following guidelines should help you when purchasing school clothing and shoes.  Active play on asphalt can lead to serious scrapes when skin surfaces are bare.  Examples of clothing that do not meet the guidelines for appropriate dress include:

    • Garments that bare or expose the midriff/torso or upper body such as tank tops, mesh tops, tube tops, half shirts, halters, spaghetti strap tops, etc.  Tops need to be long enough to allow for normal movement without revealing one’s midriff and straps should be wider than 1 1/2 inches.  No low-cut jeans. Shorts must be modest in length, mid-thigh is a good rule of thumb.
    • Clothing or buttons with printing or pictures depicting tobacco, drugs, or alcoholic beverages, or those which are profane, sexually suggestive, or depict violence or unlawful acts.
    • No sagging pants are allowed.  Pants must “fit” at the waist.
    • To avoid sagging, use a waist measurement plus one inch. Pants/shorts must be able to stay at the waist without a belt.
    • Pants must be an appropriate length, not dragging.
    • Clothing must be hemmed.  No cutoffs, frayed or fringed clothing.  Shorts and skirts must meet the “mid-thigh” length guideline.  Clothing must be in good repair – no frayed holes in pants, etc.
    • Any item of clothing, hats, sweatbands, bandanas of any kind, or other headgear, symbols, or devices associated with group intimidation or gang/cult affiliation are not allowed. Hats may not be worn backwards, and must be removed when inside a building.
    • Footwear must be worn at all times, as mandated by state law.  Shoes and sandals must have back straps and should not have heels.  NO FLIP-FLOPS  It is better if socks are worn with open-toed shoes/sandals so your child does not scrape and injure their toes.  Boots are not really safe on playgrounds.  Athletic shoes are your best choice since students are engaged in physical education activities every day.
    • When in doubt about whether or not something is appropriate, it is probably easier to save it for your weekend wear or to check with the teacher or principal the day before you wear it.


    Mariemont Homework Habits and Requirements

    • It is our goal at Mariemont to help prepare students for increasing levels of responsibility and performance.  Our homework expectations are incremental - asking more of students as they mature.
    • Each grade level’s expectations are based upon the assumption that children have mastered the skills and behaviors expected at the previous grade level and that the skills necessary to complete the homework were taught in the classroom prior to the homework being assigned.
    • Primary grade students (K-3) can expect to have 10-30 minutes of school-related work three to four evenings per week.  Upper-grade students (4-6) can expect to have from 30 -60 minutes three to four evenings per week.  Long-range projects and assignments may require weekend work.  Please keep in mind that the amount of time required for homework is dependent upon whether or not the student has kept up with assignments as they have been assigned and whether or not daily class assignments and other work were completed as it was assigned.
Last Modified on July 30, 2022