School Rules



    The Safety committee, in conjunction with Trajan staff and parents, have worked hard to come up with the following plan to provide safe access to school for children.
    1. The staff has specified parking spaces. Please do not park in the designated areas.
    2. All other non marked spaces are for visitor/parent parking.
    3. Two spaces have been marked for handicapped access in the front and back parking lots.
    4. The front drive-thru is designated for special education busses and designated day care vans. Please do NOT drop your students in this area. Please use CAUTION.
    5. You may NOT block the parking lot entrance or exit of the school, or wait in the fire lane when dropping off or picking up students.
    6. Students entering the front of the school must use the front crosswalk. Please look out for students walking in and to the crosswalk. Use caution al ALL times.
    7. Students entering the back of the school must use the crosswalk also. Students must stay on the sidewalks at all times.
    8. If dropping off or picking up students on Gordian Way, please use caution at all times.
    9. RED ZONE: Please do not leave your vehicle in the red fire lane zone.
    Please use caution and follow parking lot guide lines when entering, dropping off, and exiting the parking lot and driving on Gordian Way or Trajan Drive. We want to ensure SAFETY for ALL students, parents, and staff members.
    If you see habitual traffic problems off Trajan campus, please call the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department for assistance.

    Student Safety

    This is to inform you of the safety drills that we practice at school each year. We are mandated to practice fire drills once a month and lock down drills four times a year. The practice drills are to help students be aware of different situations and react in an appropriate manner so that all children know what to do in case of a real emergency. All teachers have been trained with safety procedures and the Trajan Safety Team meets monthly to discuss different situations. There is also time set aside at each staff meeting to discuss safety of the students and school.

    All of the children will be aware of the drills and will have the procedures explained by their teachers. We will make every effort to be sure the children understand the necessity of these drills without alarming them. While at times this subject may be uncomfortable to talk about, it is important for us to have a plan that the children understand and have practiced. Please have a conversation with your child in regards to the drills.

    As in past experiences when we have been in a real lock down situation, it is very crucial for parents to remain off campus. The teachers will not allow you to enter the rooms and/or take your child unless advised by myself or Sacramento County Sherrif’s Department. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department works very closely with the San Juan schools and have been very instrumental in ensuring the safety for all students. If we are practicing a drill parents are advised to go to their cars and wait until the all clear signal rings before entering the school grounds. If you are working in your child’s classroom during a drill please follow the teacher’s directions and remember that the teacher is in charge of the class, including your child.

    Playground Rules

    Be Safe:

    • WALK in the halls and down the ramp at all times.

    • Use the restroom during recess (5 students at a time)

    Play Equipment:
    • Go left to right on the play structures.
    • One person on the spinners at a time.
    • Two hands on the outside curved bar (not inside cross bars).
    • Bars are for pull-ups only (no swinging).
    • WALK in the bark (no tag games).
    • Go down the slide facing forward.
    • One person on the slide at a time.
    Playground Boundaries:
    • Stay on field between big oak on the west side and the soccer goal on the east side.
    • Stay on blacktop, specified field areas or picnic benches on grass (grass hill near classrooms off limits).
    • WALK on the blacktop.
    • Snacks in the snack area (picnic benches in the grass).
    • Shadow tag played on field is the only permitted tag game.
    • No football.
    • Balls, except during kickball, may be kicked on the field only.
    • All games immediately cease at the first bell to end recess.
    Be Responsible:
    • Keep hands and feet to self at ALL times.
    • Only air-filled balls (no baseballs) may be brought from home (no toys).

    Be Respectful:
    • Listen to ALL adults on yard duty.


District Policy on Use of Students in Photos and Video

  • Photos and video footage of students add significantly to the communication value of district and school publications, television productions, and websites. It is the district's desire to share the achievements and recognition earned by students with the broader community. This effort can be aided by the use of photos or video footage showing students involved in the classroom and school-related activities.

    Photos & Video

    Unless notified in writing of an objection by a parent, legal guardian, or student of age 18, photographs and video footage of students and/or names may be posted in district-produced materials including printed publications, television productions, and websites.

    If parents do not wish photographs or videos of their students to be used in these materials, they should complete a Photo/Video Opt-Out form available at school offices or via the link below. Please be aware that opt-out requests are valid for the current school year and must be renewed at the start of the next school year.
    If an opt-out form is filed, district and school staff members will ALSO request news media not interview your student or film/photograph your student. While local news media typically honor such requests, the district does not have legal authority to prevent your student from talking with media or restricting who media outlets film or photograph. You are encouraged to have a discussion with your student about your wishes should members of the news media request to interview them. 
    If photos or videos of students or staff are going to be created, maintained or displayed by a third party where the district or school will not have direct control of the materials, then a written release form is required. Contact the Community Relations Office at (916) 979-8281 to discuss options. 

    Photos & Video - Special Education Students and Homeless Students

    School and district staff will always seek parent/guardian permission before using a photo that identifies a student receiving special education or homeless services. Permission forms for these situations can also be obtained from school offices or via the link below.

    Please contact your school office or the Community Relations Office at (916) 979-8281 if you have any questions about this policy.

Last Modified on January 19, 2023