Prevention Works!


    Prevention Programs is funded through the Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) grant and the district's Local Control Accountability Plan.

    Support and resources offered district-wide aim to improve students’ academic success and overall school climate, while encouraging a healthy lifestyle free from violence, alcohol, tobacco, nicotine, and other drugs.



    Prevention Programs Supervisor
    (916) 979-8611
    Prevention Specialist
    Tobacco Use Prevention Education
    (916) 979-8621 
     - Minnesota Smoking Prevention 
       Program (MSPP)
     - REACH 1 
    Prevention Specialist
    Tobacco Use Prevention Education
    (916) 979-8605 
     - Club Live & Friday Night Live
     - ASCENT 
    Prevention Specialist 
    Bullying Prevention Program 
    (916) 979-8601  
     - Second Step
     - Safe School Ambassadors
     - Olweus Bullying Prevention Program 
    Jordin Lambert
    Prevention Specialist
    Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention
    (916) 979-8606 
     - Teen Intervene
     - Botvin's Life Skills Training
     - AOD Intervention Program  
    Prevention Assistant 
    (916) 979-8623  



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Last Modified on January 27, 2020