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    Although nothing can replace the warm, cozy feeling of curling up with a good book, Green Oaks Library collection does include a variety of ebooks for you to enjoy. To discover the titles that we have, use the on-line library catalog and search for ebooks. Content includes biographies, science, a variety of fiction titles, and many other interesting subjects. One of the great features of digital books is that many students can read the same book without the need to purchase multiple copies. Check them out and let me know what you think. nwilson@sanjuan.edu
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         Junior Library Guild
    One of the ways that new books are chosen for the Green Oaks Library
    is by our PTA supported subscription to the Junior Library Guild. 
    The Junior Library Guild is comprised of an editorial team that reviews over 3,000 new titles each year either in manuscript or prepublication stage. Of those 3,000 titles only 618 make it into JLG's selections. Nearly 95% of the JLG selections go on to receive awards and/or favorable reviews. 
    Junior Library Guild offers 52 book levels to choose from giving subscribers a variety of ways to enhance the book collection. Green Oaks has chosen to do collection development with a subscription to 4 levels. We receive one book each month in each of the 4 levels.
    Below is a description of each of the different levels Green Oaks Library is subscribed to. To see what new and exciting books have been added to our collection or to view forthcoming titles please use the links that correspond to each level. 
    Level I (Independent Readers) is for students in grades 2-4 who can read on their own. With selections ranging from picture books to early chapter books, many of these compelling fiction and nonfiction titles feature large print and eye-catching artwork. To view the titles in this level please click on the link.
    Level A (Intermediate Readers) is perfect for students in grade 3-5. This collection brings in a wide variety of novels and accessible nonfiction for younger elementary readers who love a good story. The focus in these titles is primarily on the text, though some novels may feature illustration. To view the titles in this level please click on the link.
    Level NE (Nonfiction Elementary) is geared towards grades 2-6 where a world of discovery awaits. Elementary readers eager to know more will learn much from diving into these nonfiction titles covering a diverse range of topics to satisfy inquisitive minds. To view the titles in this level please click on the link.
    Level SCE (Science Nonfiction Elementary) is for 2-6 graders who like to explore everything from the galaxies to their own backyard. These accurate and up-to-date nonfiction titles that will intrigue young scientists. To view the titles in this level please click on the link.

    Scholastic BookFLIX is an on-line literature resource. Fiction video story books are paired with a related non-fiction ebooks. This resource, perfect for PreK-3, is an engaging way to build a love of both fiction and non-fiction content while reinforcing early literacy skills. 
    As a card carrying member of the Sacramento Public Library, you and your family can have access to BookFLIX via the "Kids" tab at the Sacramento Public Library Website. Simply access the website and log in with your library card and pin number.

Last Modified on February 6, 2020