• Library

    Each class has its own library session once a week.  In these sessions, library skills and literature appreciation are taught throughout the school year.


    All students are responsible for returning their borrowed library books or paying for the books if lost.  A returned book is more desirable.  If a student pays for the lost book and later finds and return the book within a school year, the money will refunded. 


    The school will hold a student’s report card if he/she does not return a book or pay for a lost or damaged book.  See San Juan Unified School District Policy 5131.51:  “Any student, or the parent/guardian of any minor student, shall be held liable for all property belonging to the district that has been damaged destroyed, stolen or lent and not returned upon demand.  After affording the student his/her due process rights, the district may withhold the grades, diploma and transcripts of the student responsible for the vandalism or theft until the student or the student’s parent/guardian has paid for the damages.  Prior to withholding a student’s grades, diploma, transcript, the district shall notify the student’s parent/guardian in writing of the student’s alleged misconduct. (Education Code 48904)”

Last Modified on October 17, 2019