Safe Schools Program

  • Mission Statement - 

    The San Juan Unified Safe Schools Team mission is to support school administrators, educators, parents and students to create safer school environments through appropriate preventative efforts as well as planning and preparation in response to and the recovery from natural disasters, criminal acts and other crisis situations.  


    Vision Statement - 

    The San Juan Unified Safe Schools Team is dedicated to improving campus safety in support of an environment and culture where students can learn, explore and succeed academically. We will continually look for ways to improve school safety through partnership with our internal district teams as well as external community organizations and other resource support groups. We will strive to deliver services professionally, recognizing our customers and demonstrating care, concern and compassion for those we serve.



    • Assist site administrators with the development, maintenance and implementation of comprehensive school safety plans

    • Respond to support site administrators and staff with the emergency response and management of critical incidents, disasters, crimes and other crises

    • Provide staff safety training and monitor safety drills to ensure effective response practices

    • Assist site administrators with the investigation of threats of school violence and other reported safety concerns.

    • Conduct high visibility campus patrols to deter and detect violations of law, district policies and other safety concerns

    • Interact with students and student groups to gauge campus culture and identify ways to improve student safety.

    • Conduct site vulnerability assessments to identify ways to increase site security and safety practices as well as improve physical security through infrastructure and access control measures.

    • Develop and implement personal safety plans to support student needs

    • Liaison with law enforcement and other community partners

Partnership with Law Enforcement

  • San Juan Unified maintains strong relationships with our local law enforcement partners. The Safe Schools Team works collaboratively with both the Citrus Heights Police Department and Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department to support those school sites within their respective jurisdictions. Law Enforcement may be called to assist and support our safety specialists and school sites with investigations or concerns regarding threats of school violence as well as crimes occurring on campus, including those involving weapons or persons in possession of alcohol or other dangerous substances.  

Last Modified on January 18, 2023