Join Our School Committees

  • Building Bridges to Student Success

    • School Site Council: Each school has a plan and budget that is developed by an elected group of parents, teachers, and classified staff following approval by the San Juan Unified School District.
    • Safe Schools: This is a group of teachers and parents meeting regularly with our school principal to address safety issues. School emergencies procedures are reviewed and revised.
    • Yearbook: There are many ways to become involved. This committee works throughout the entire school year to gather photos and information for our students. Do you enjoy scrapbooking? This could be a way to share your hidden talents with us.
    • Head Art Docent and Classroom Art Docents: Once a month the head art docent picks up and delivers portfolios to our school and then returns them. Classroom art docents present user-friendly lesson to the classroom exposing the students to major works of art and their details.
    • Assist at School Events: Throughout the year there are many events that require lots of helping hands. Some of the events are jog-a-thon, family nights, field day, school beautification projects, special celebrations, fund raisers, and more. Please don't hesitate to come and help out!
    Give us a call 971-5727 or contact your student's teacher or another staff member to let us know you are interested and willing to be a part of the "Parent Volunteer Team."

Last Modified on June 8, 2014