Voice in San Juan Unified

Committee Purpose Who Can Join How are Members Selected Current Members How often does it meet?
Bond Citizens Oversight Committee (COC) The COC reviews expenditures under community approved facilities bonds (Measure J and Measure N) and issues quarterly reports on progress under each initiative. Parents and community members Appointment is by application and approval of the Board of Education Mario Rodriguez, Rebecca Kirk, Bronwyn Bateman, David Wolfe, Debra Desrosiers, Elizabeth Colgrove, Tom Follett, Timothy Slape, William Baker Quarterly
Curriculum, Standards, Instructional, and Student Services Committee (C&S) The C&S committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Education on educational programs, standards and assessments; graduation and course requirements; textbook adoptions; and policies on student behavior and discipline. Parents and community members Each member of the Board of Education appoints two individuals to serve on the committee. Vacant (Costa); Myel Jenkins, Vice Chair (Costa); Ewa Firl (Hernandez); Larry Gilmore (Hernandez); Phromlak Sakpichaimongkol (Villescaz); Veronica Schwalbach (Villescaz); Jennifer Morgan, Chair (McKibbin); Colmar Figueroa-Moseley (McKibbin); Robyn Cox (Creason); Kennard Harris (Creason) First and third Wednesday of each month
District English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC) DELAC provides guidance and input on issues related to the delivery of instruction and services for English Language Learners Interested parents and community members Membership is open to interested parents of English Language Learners. There is a cap on the committee size. Members are nominated by their school site's ELAC (English Language Advisory Committee). Monthly
Facilities Committee The Facilities Committee reviews issues at the direction of the board of education relating to the district’s facilities. The committee issues recommendations to the Board of Education. Parents and community members Each member of the Board of Education appoints two individuals to serve on the committee Kathryn Brann (Costa); Jon Mohle (Costa); Greg Paulo, Chair (Hernandez); Brett Burns (Hernandez); Anderson Berry (McKibbin); Fedros Yavrom (McKibbin); Amber Busby (Creason); Maggie Cooper (Creason); Dave Doerr (Villescaz); Michael Tucker, Asst. Chair (Villescaz) First Tuesday of each month
Local Control and Accountability Plan Parent Advisory Committee (LCAP PAC) The LCAP PAC works collaboratively with staff, employee groups and at-large stakeholders to provide input and feedback on the actions and services provided for in the LCAP and their effectiveness in meeting the state priorities and overall goals. Parents or legal guardians of students, community members, and students in the three targeted populations for which funding is received (low income, Foster Youth, and English language learners). Appointment is by application and approval of the Board of Education Mary Beth Barber, Rafael Bautista, Cerissa Brown, Kenan Cackovic, Damaris Canton, Caroline Castaneda, Stephanie Colbert, Dora Duenas, Jackson Fortin, Amanda Gamboa, Heather Gonzalez (vice chair), Raven Hale, Kem Jones-Brown, Chelsea Kelley, Eric Mayhew, Zinah Naseri, Tom Nelson (chair), Kinaleishka Ocasio, Beatriz Santos, Jacqueline Shields Meetings in September, October, November, December, February, March, April and May
Special Education Community Advisory Committee (CAC) The Special Education CAC is charged with reviewing issues and practices related to the delivery of special education in the District. The committee also oversees the annual "You Light the Way" awards which recognize contributions in the service of special education students. Special education parents; any parent can be a member by attending a meeting Interested parents must apply and be confirmed to an open position by the Board of Education; call (916) 971-7953 for more information. Lacy Bauer, Alexis Brache, Tina Cooper, Anthea Damore, Veronica Encinas, Pat Friesen, Melissa Horne (chair), Catherine McGough, Julia Nattkemper, Wendy Quinn, Ruth Rowlette, Jacqueline Shields, Heather Taylor, Lana Wong First Tuesday of each month
Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Committee [formerly the Coordinated School Health Council] The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) committee works to ensure all San Juan Unified students are healthy and successful through health education, physical education, school health services, nutrition services, school counseling, psychological and social services, and community involvement. District staff, students, parents and community members Participation is open to any interested individual. Online application is available (linked above).
Last Modified on March 17, 2020