Information for Parents

  • Del Dayo Elementary School is located at 1301 McClaren Drive in Carmichael, CA and serves grades transitional kindergarten through sixth grades. 
    Our regular office line is (916) 575-2323 and will be answered between the hours of 7:45 A.M. and 3:45 P.M. We will forward our lines to the Voice Mail system when the office is closed. The Del Dayo Voice Mail number is (916) 979-8270, and is accessible 24 hours a day. 
    Our daily Bell Schedule can be found here.
    Attendance Line (916) 575-2327 or Email
    Office (916) 575-2323 
    Fax (916) 575-2328 

    General Information 

    Problem Solving
    If you have a problem or concern related to your child's progress or emotional well-being, the first person you should contact is your child's teacher. If you feel the problem is not resolved or cannot be resolved this way, talk with the principal. If the problem still cannot be resolved, the principal or you may contact the school director or other appropriate official. An atmosphere of mutual respect will greatly contribute to good solutions and positive attitudes. 
    Regular, on-time attendance is required by law. Please be sure to review absence guidelines in the Dragon Folder. If your child is absent or late to school, please call our attendance line (916) 575-2327 or email at
    Independent Study
    Independent Study may be approved on a case-by-case basis  for extenuating circumstances when your child will be out for a MINIMUM OF FIVE (5) SCHOOL DAYS.
    Requests must be made with the classroom teacher  and agreed to AT LEAST TEN (10) school days prior to the start of the absence.
    If approved, Independent Study work assignments are due on the date the student returns to school. Assignments cannot be completed after the return date or before the begin date. 
    Daily work assignments must equal the following:
    • Kindergarten: 200 minutes/day
    • Grades 1-3: 230 minutes/day
    • Grades 4-6: 240 minutes/day


    Pay for your student's lunch account here.  
    Health Services Information/Medication in School
    Our school does not have the services of an on-site nurse. If your child is sick, please keep your child at home. District policy limits all medication stored and administered during school hours to those for life-threatening or behavior modification situations. All medication brought to school (over-the-counter as well as prescription) must be brought to the school office by a parent and must be accompanied by a Medication in School Form signed by both the physician and parent. Medication in School forms are available in the school office. (Parents may come to school at any time to personally administer medication to their child. Report to the office first.) 
    Dismissal Policy
    This is an excellent time to review traffic safety practices with your child. Parking lots can be dangerous for children -- please observe safe practices when dropping off and picking up your children. Our parking lot can get very congested - please use Shelato or McClaren when transporting your children and remember no parking is allowed along the red-painted front curve of our parking lot. DO NOT leave your car unattended along this curb! People have been ticketed for doing so. Do not park in bus zones. 
    Children should be picked up within 10 minutes of dismissal time. Supervision is limited to 10 minutes before school starts and 10 minutes after school ends each day (exception: bus riders). 
    Minimum Days 
    School start and end times for regular and minimum days are posted on the Bell Schedule page. Please note there are two different schedules for minimum days.
    Lunch Supervision 
    A great place to be at lunch time is in our cafeteria and on the playground. We would love your company in the MP room to talk to students in the lunch line, help open ketchup packages, and to monitor dismissal to recess. Watching students on the playground also can give you new insights on how children play. Supervision is vital to student safety. If you would like to volunteer or sign-up for a paid position one or more days a week-please call the office. Your help is needed!  
    Thank you for sharing your children with us! We take our responsibility as elementary educators very seriously and want to work with you as a team in helping your child become a responsible, caringc lifelong learner and citizen.