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    The Del Paso Manor Elementary PTA would like to extend your family a warm welcome to the 2019-20 school year!


    Our school is unique, having both the neighborhood program and Rapid Learner program, a diverse population and an outstanding team of faculty and staff. The DPM Parent Teacher Association is proud to support all of the students and families of our wonderful school. The more members and volunteers we have the more we can do for our children! So we hope you’ll join us this year!

    We now accept online membership registration! Simply visit:

     and complete the form. It's quick, easy and saves a tree or two!




    What does the PTA do?


    Each year the PTA provides more than $50,000 in resources, supplies, activities and events at Del Paso Manor – all with the goal of improving our children’s’ educational experience and building a sense of community. Our efforts benefit every student at the school. Last year the PTA used money from school-wide fundraisers to:



    ·    Upgrade the school library, including installing a new “smart” TV


    ·    Pay for field trips for every grade level


    ·       Pay for technology upgrades across campus


    ·   Fund a “classroom resource budget” for each teacher


    ·   Host the Fall Carnival, Arts Night, All Daughters Dance and All Sons Bingo (FREE events!!)


    ·   Fund student assemblies and family community nights


    ·    Pay for the Accelerated Reader program software


    ·       Purchase DPM Jog-a-thon t-shirts for every student



    How does the PTA provide this funding?


    There are two major fundraisers during the school year, and several smaller fundraising opportunities as well.


    Fat Cat Cookie Dough Fundraiser


    ·       Jog-A-Thon


    ·       Smaller fundraisers include: Box Tops, DPM Restaurant Nights, Grocery Card Programs, Amazon Smile – on-going , throughout the year



    How do I support the PTA’s efforts?


    Your family’s support of these fundraisers is so important! Without it many of the school’s resources, events and activities will disappear. In addition to participating in these fundraisers, you can support us by volunteering to help! The fundraisers, events and activities don’t run themselves – in fact they are a lot of work - and we need a team of parents to make them successful. Joining the PTA is the first step, volunteering to assist with a fundraiser or event is the second step! (We encourage you to complete the green volunteer sheet and turn it in to your child’s teacher, so the PTA can contact you about upcoming volunteer opportunities.)



    We are looking forward to another exciting year, filled with fun family events that bring our community closer and support our children’s education. The first event of the school year is coming up! We hope to see your family at the DPM Picnic on Saturday, August 25 from 11am to 2pm at the school field.



    The PTA is committed to continuing to fund resources, activities and events – and family involvement is key. Join the PTA – support the fundraisers – and volunteer your time, so that Del Paso Manor Elementary School can continue to be a strong, united community for our children!


    Thank you for all you do –

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    2019-2020 Del Paso Manor PTA Officers


    Caitlin Shrader



    Donelle Erickson

    Vice President


    Nikki Woolums



    Tammy Kipp


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    Please feel free to contact any PTA member by sending an email to
    Be sure to follow the Del Paso Manor PTA on Facebook.
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Last Modified on August 20, 2019