• Volunteers make things happen at LeGette!

    Volunteers are needed and valued in San Juan Unified. Any adult volunteer who will work alone with students at any time must be fingerprinted. This includes driving for or chaperoning on field trips, working with students outside the immediate supervision of a staff member, or walking students to and from the office.

    San Juan Unified values volunteers in our schools and community. To ensure a positive experience and protect the safety of our students, staff and others, the district implements a volunteer verification process.  All volunteers must complete the verification process BEFORE they can be allowed to volunteer on a school campus or at a school-related activity. 

    If you have been fingerprinted by SJUSD since 2012, you may not need to be fingerprinted again. By law, fingerprint results done by another business or organization cannot be transferred to SJUSD or any other agency.

    Fingerprinting is free of charge for San Juan volunteers. If you would like to request to be fingerprinted and go through the volunteer approval process, please use the link below.
    Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Earl LeGette!

    Don’t wait until the last minute to do this process. Results from the Department of Justice can take up to four weeks to be returned. All volunteers need to sign in at the school office upon arriving on campus and wear a visitor’s sticker/badge when on site. Thank you for your service to the students and schools in SJUSD!

    Volunteer Drivers

    Thank you for volunteering to drive.  Our teachers appreciate your support!  

    Every school year, the following documents will need to be turned in to your teacher:

    • Volunteer Driver Form 
    • Valid Drivers Licence
    • Insurance Declaration Page (ID cards not accepted, please check dates.)

    Volunteer Driver Form

    As you are filling out the Volunteer Driver Form please take notice of page two and ensure that you meet all requirements.

Last Modified on December 7, 2022