• We love our parent-volunteers!  We believe that we children best succeed when we all work together.  Please stay involved in your student's education and classroom.  
    Getting started! - Volunteer Verification:
    Here is a list of a few ways that you can volunteer here at Dewey. If you have suggestions or have other ideas please let us know! 

    Ways to Get Involved With Dewey

    Help in your child’s class
    Become the Room Representative in your child’s class
    Take home jobs from classroom teacher
    Purchase supplies for your child’s classroom
    Help classroom teacher with small groups
    Volunteer to read to your child’s class
    Maintain website for your child’s classroom
    Teach a skill in your child’s classroom
    Play a game with your child’s class
    Volunteer to be an Art Docent
    Help with art projects in your child’s class
    Purchase and donate party snacks
    Conduct classroom demonstrations: cooking, science, art, etc.

    Join PFO
    Attend a PFO meeting
    Lead a PFO committee
    Join a PFO committee
    Work at a Dewey Event
    Help with fundraisers

    Purchase Scrip each Tuesday
    Save and turn in Box Tops
    Sign up for school rewards from Safeway, Safemart, Red Robin and Amazon Smile
    Turn in E Waste
    Turn in small printer ink cartridges

    Help in the traffic line
    Help kids at the kiddie walks
    Supervise students before school
    Supervise the lunch line
    Work as a Yard Duty (volunteer or paid)
    Help in the computer lab
    Help in the library

    Create and put up bulletin boards
    Make signs for events at school
    Organize and run an after school club (book, running, origami, game…etc.)
    Organize Earth Day
    Help with E Waste and Printer Ink Collections
    Help with Lost and Found

Last Modified on August 12, 2022