Parent Volunteer Program

  • A significant correlation has been established between direct parent involvement and a school’s overall high rate of success.  As a school of choice, parent participation is very important to supporting our programs and goals.  At Cowan our parents agree to our expectation to volunteer a minimum of twenty hours per academic school year.  There are numerous ways to volunteer at Cowan including working in the classroom, at home, or during school events.


    All parents are expected to attend Back to School Night, all requested and scheduled parent/teacher conferences, and Open House. 

    What to expect as a volunteer
    • Work on a regular, scheduled basis, whether biweekly, bimonthly or as otherwise arranged.
    • Have a list, or verbal instructions for what you are to do when you volunteer.
    • Have use of the workroom for duplicating and preparing materials.

    What is expected of a volunteer

    • Honor your volunteer commitments.  Appear on time, on the agreed day to work or notify the appropriate person if you cannot be there.  Find a substitute if at all possible.
    • Use the “apple” door to enter the nurse’s area and workroom. Please honor the “staff only” areas.
    • Keep in confidence any information you gain about a student’s behavior, achievement or personal life.
    • Become familiar with and support school and classroom policies and procedures.
    • Be positive and encouraging in your dealings with students, other volunteers, and staff.
    • Avoid interrupting the instructional program.  Ask questions at appropriate times if directions are not clear.
    • Attend “training” offered on the use of the copy or die cut machines.
    • Be courteous of office staff when in the workroom. Avoid loud conversations that interrupt the workers’ focus.
    • Make child care arrangements for your younger children.  Sometimes parent volunteers are able to trade baby-sitting with each other.
    • If a problem comes up, discuss it with the person you are assisting.
    • Record your volunteer hours.

    Suggestions for working with students in the classroom

    • Understand your assignment.  Read the directions before assisting.
    • Call the student by name.
    • Listen attentively to the student you’re helping.
    • Guide the student to find the right answer through encouragement, questions and/or suggestions.  Avoid giving the answer unless absolutely necessary.
    • Use positive reinforcement at all times.  Be encouraging and supportive.
    • Avoid favoring your own child or children you know.  Discuss your volunteer role with your child in advance.
    • Keep classroom and student information confidential.
    • Enjoy knowing that you are helping a child be successful.


Last Modified on November 4, 2021