Want to Volunteer at Deterding?

  • We want you to be here!

    Volunteer Guidelines

    The staff at Mary A. Deterding sincerely appreciates your interest and willingness in serving as a volunteer to help our students and our school. Your knowledge and skills truly enrich and support the educational program. For the protection of our students, please keep these guidelines in mind:

    • Volunteers working with students must be under the direct supervision of district employees.(Education Code 35021)
    • Volunteers working regularly with children at Deterding Elementary School must be fingerprinted, if they will not be under direct teacher supervision.  Forms are available in the school office, not at the district office.
    • Volunteers who only provide services on an intermittent basis and are performing such services in the presence of a district employee do not need to be fingerprinted, but must be approved by the teacher and the principal.
    • Please sign in at the office and get a badge when you arrive on campus.
    • Remember to be on time. If you are unable to come at your scheduled time, please call the office or send a note. We depend on you.
    • Please remember that we are role models for our students. Always model respectful language, behavior, and dress at all times.
    • Confidentiality: We ask you to respect the confidentiality of what you may see or hear on campus and on field trips. Our students’ right to privacy is of great importance and should be respected. Guidelines to honor are:
      • No personal information concerning any student who is not his/her own child or ward except under judicial process can be given to any person other than the teacher or administrator in the school which the student attends. (Education Code 43545)
      • Please respect the uniqueness of each child and the hard work of teachers by keeping any special information you pick up by working in the classroom to yourself. Please ask the teacher about any classroom practice that is unclear or of concern to you. We would rather you ask us for clarification on any issues than have it be subject to speculation and discussion in the parking lot or neighborhood.

    Have fun with our wonderful students! Thank you for your help!


    The Teaching Staff of Mary A. Deterding Elementary School

Last Modified on February 3, 2023