• Volunteers Needed Your volunteer hours at Mission are very important to the students and the teachers. Most parents have chosen Mission Avenue Open School because we offer a wide variety ways and opportunities for your children to learn. We can only do these things with the support of our Mission parents, whether you do it at school, on a field trip, or at home.  We encourage and welcome parent volunteerism and participation in the classroom. Not only does it enrich your child/children's education but it enriches their lives.
    We could not continue to be the school we are with out you so please help us keep the philosophy alive and come join us!
    The teachers at Mission appreciate the myriad of ways that you help them whether it's something from these parent generated ideas below or an idea of your own… we appreciate and need you!
    • Participating on our field trips
    • Homework grading (can be done at home)
    • Assembling art project packages (can be done at home)
    • Art docent
    • Working in the classroom (you can pick your day)
    • Lunch supervision & playground supervision (~1.5 hrs/day;you can pick your day)
    • Helping in the crosswalk (20 mins./day;you can pick your day)
    • Organizing fundraising activities
    • Participating in after school enrichment classes
    • Participating in parent book studies about how to improve our school
    • Helping your kids with school work at home
    • Participating in PTA meetings and activities (such as being a PTA Room Mom/Dad or working with the bi-annual school wide play or bi-annual auction fundraiser).
    • Becoming a member of the school's Site Council (1 hr meeting/month)
    • Assisting the choir teacher during choir practice
    • Assisting the yearbook teacher moderator by serving as a advertising & sales advisor, photo collection chair, parent advisor, and yearbook administrator.
    • Assisting the teachers with Science Olympiad.
    You can see that you are definitely an integral part of the "magic" that happens at Mission.

    Parent Volunteer Opportunities

    Lunch/Yard Duty
    If interested, please contact the office (575-2362).

    Mission PTA
    If your busy schedule does not allow you to be an executive board member or a committee chairperson (two can share a chair position), then please consider helping out at PTA events throughout the year when your schedule allows it.  Another way is to become a PTA Room Representative and you can share the responsibility with another parent. It's a great way to meet your child's friends and meet other parents.

    Thank you for volunteering your invaluable time to be a part of Mission's magic!
Last Modified on October 17, 2019