Parent Engagement

  • Parents are a valuable asset to the entire community.  Through our Pasadena Panther Pack, our parent volunteers, the school benefits from assistance with various activities such as the Friday Snack Shack, school events, and classroom assistance. We also have a Parent Resource Room for parents to use when needed. A computer is set up for internet access to complete school related documents such as meal applications, Bridges applications, surveys, etc.  
    We welcome parent volunteers at Pasadena. If you would like to assist in the classroom, please contact your child's teacher. If you would like to assist in school activities, please contact the school office. 


    If you have not been fingerprinted with our district before, pick up a form from our office.  Fingerprinting is free and can be done at our district office daily.  Once you are printed, your clearance is good as long as you have a student in the district and commit no crimes. Even if you have been fingerprinted through an outside agency, you must be fingerprinted with our school district.   
    Note: Fingerprint clearances are confidential information and are not transferred from school to school.  As your child switches schools, you must contact each new school so they can request their own copy of the clearance.  
    If you have been fingerprinted at your previous school, please call Michele Miller, school secretary, at 916-971-7373 with your information (full legal name, your birth date, and the last four digits of your social security number).  
    Volunteer Form
    Please complete a Volunteer Information Form every year.  These forms are located at the school office.

    Field Trip Drivers

    If you are going to be driving on a field trip, you must have a current insurance form filled out.  The Volunteer Vehicle Form can be found in the office.  These forms must be renewed each year. 
Last Modified on September 10, 2019