• Volunteer Requirements:  Fingerprints

    To become a volunteer who works closely with students at Sierra Oaks K-8 or to drive students on a field trip (as well as any other school in the district), you must be fingerprinted per SJUSD Board Policy.

    Also, any volunteer who will be handling money for fundraisers or field trips must be also fingerprinted for SJUSD.


    If you have never been fingerprinted with our district before, pick up a form from our office.  These forms must be signed by school site personnel before you obtain fingerprints.  Fingerprinting is free, and is held at our district office on Walnut Avenue daily between 8:30 a.m and 3 p.m.)  Once you are printed, your clearance is good as long as you have a student in the district (and commit no crimes!).

    Note: fingerprint clearances are considered confidential information and thus are not transferred from school to school.  So, as your child moves up, you must contact each new school so they can request a copy of the clearance.If you have been fingerprinted at your previous school, please call the Sierra Oaks school secretary and give her your full legal name, your birth date, and the last four digits of your social security number.  Your clearance will be transmitted to Sierra Oaks from DOJ within a few days.

    Driving Forms

    If you are going to be driving on a field trip, you must have a current Volunteer Personal Automobile Usage Form filled out.  These are obtained from the school office.  These must be renewed each year.  In addition to the form, parents must present a valid proof of insurance card and their valid California driver's license at the school office.

    We realize that these requirements are inconvenient for many parents, but the bottom line is these rules are for the safety of all the students.  We would urge you to take care of these things early in the year so that you will be free to volunteer at the school as much as you like.
Last Modified on May 27, 2014