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    USDA extends free meals for children 18 and under

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has issued updated guidance that meals can be provided at no cost to all children 0-18 years old. Beginning Tuesday, September 8, 2020, one breakfast and one lunch per child, packaged together, will be handed out curbside to all children 0-18 years from 44 school sites, including Trajan. On Fridays, you will receive meals for the weekend. Non-meat options will be available to families upon request.

    Days- Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and non-instruction days

    Pick Up times: between 11-noon at Trajan

    Locations: Click here for a full list of school sites that are serving.

    Update! Validation

    To allow adults or others to pick-up meals for students without them being present and help us meet state program requirements, each family will be issued a new green validation form by our curbside Nutrition Services staff that authorizes the pickup of a specific number of meals. The new green form will be needed each time meals are picked up.  

     There are two ways in which a family may obtain the new validation form:

    1.  Bring the validation letter that was issued to you by Nutrition Services in August and a new green validation form will be issued to you based on the number of students listed on the old letter.


    1. On the first day of meal pickup, bring with you the letter, if you have one, and any other children for whom you will be picking up meals.  A green validation form will be issued to you based on that number of children. After the first day, children need not be present for pickup.


    If you lose your new green validation form, you will need to bring all children again in order to be issued a new form.

    Questions may be directed to Nutrition Services at 916-979-8966 or Nutritionservices@sanjuan.edu. 

    We ask all families to please fill out a Meal Application online or pick up a paper copy during meal service and fill it out. Even if your child does not get meals at school, the meal application information is important for our school to receive support programs & resources; such as counseling and academic interventions. We appreciate your support in completing the meal application. Here is the online link.
    For cafeteria prices and other information about food services, go to the  SJUSD Nutrition Services website
    To pay for student meals online, go to My Schoolbucks.
Last Modified on January 4, 2021